May 21, 2011

On Da Road Again

Mee and da brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) is so x-cited!!!

I esplain now!

Wee is goin on VA-K-SHUN!

Yep...early on Sunday mornin' wee gonna
(Hopes not too hard)

Wee's goin' all da way to
Dat would be da State dat is shaped like a

We is gonna go visit my Uncle Jeff
and his bipeds (da wife and da grandbipeds)
and Uncle Jeff's K-9 Cop Partner,

da Min Pin

I hopes dat Chase don't be hungry
and mistakes us for...
We gots a lot of packing to do today.
Da IMPORTANT stuffs furst!

Someting wong here!

Dis ain't our GREEN WEENIE BAG
We has to haves our
dat we've had since wee was borned!

Here, I shows you!

FROM 2004

FROM 2007

FROM 2008


(Is wee almost dere yet?)

Ah....if mee is gonna dwive, den mee needs a booster seat and
longer legs!

Oh, OK....maybee Dad gonna have to dwive!
VA-K-SHUNS are wots of funs
My INNER NUT might knots be too good
Mee don't nose if mee can postee or visits all my furends in Blogville for two or tree weeks.
Maybees mee can do short postees on da road
butt it depends if my INNER NUT is in a co-operatin' mood.

Mee will miss every buddy but.....



May 17, 2011

Meet Da Pack -- Day Nine

Hi Every Buddy

Today you is gonna meet da final pack member in my pack.


I has to do dis postee all by my wittle self cause Mom's eye fell out over da weekend.  Wells, it didn't exactly fall out but dere sure was an electric lite show goin' on in it.  She was really a wittle bit worried butt I told hers it would be A-OK.
Hers went to da eye dogter dis mornin' and he told her da jelly behind her eyeball was becoming de-tacked or sometin like dat.  Anyways, it was falling off her retna (or sometin like dat).  Hers is goin to be ok's but she can't look at da bright lights for a few days.  Dat also means da puter so hers might be really slow helping me visit all my furends in Blogville.  Hers can only be at da puter for 10 minutes at a time.
I told her she better get wit da program cause on Sunday we is leavin on our vacation to Michigan.  Mee and brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) are da only ones who get to go along.  April might come but it depends how she feels.  Hers might stay with our dogter just in case her has a problem with her IBD (or sometin like dat).

Anyways....I gonna tell ya'll bout da 9th member of our pack.  Her is da last one cause we be known as da
Dat includes da 9 odder members, brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) and of course....

Da 9th member...hers name be
She is a Jack Russell...yeah, anudder one of dose.  Her be Bailey's last daughter, and Sarah and Holly's baby sissy.
Her was brought home by Mom and Dad cause no one wanted her.  Her lived wit my Auntie Shelly but all da odder puppies got homes except Jennie.  Jennie was da RUNT of da litter and very very small.  Dey weren't sures dat her would live.  Mom and Dad felt sorry for hers and brought hers home to our house at Christmas of 2004.  So her is 6 years old now.  She is da only one in da pack who is younger den me and brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie).
You could says we grew up togedder.
Me must admit, Jennie be very loving.  Her finally grew a wittle bit but not quite as big as da rest of her Jack Russell family.

Here be some flashy beast fotos of da wittle monster.

Now I looked way back in times and found some fotos of Jennie when her furst came to lives wit us at da end of 2004.  Mee and brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) wasn't even 1 year old yet...Wee was still babies ourselves.  So Jennie and I really did grows up togedder.  Here are da early fotos to proves it.
Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie)
and Jennie as a pipsqueak

Dis be Me and da monster

Dis be both of us wit da monster

Dis is me and da monster again
(Note from Max....look how nice and trim da sissy was back den.
Now her be da BIG SAUSAGE BUTT)

(Ok, brudder of mine...dat last remark bout my b-u-t-ful figure was nice except for da last part...not necessary)

Finally, here be a foto of Jennie wit her big sissy, Sarah.  Sarah was also a pipsqueak when her was a puppy.  Dey could of been twins.

Dat is all for today.
Gotta go check and see if Mom's eye is still in her head or if I has to look for it.

Haves a nice day every buddy!


May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday



(You Might Get Stuck Watching a Short Advertisement First)

May 6, 2011

Meet Da Pack -- Day Eight

I losted my Inner Nut again.  It was down for
24 loooong hours!  Da house lights kept dimming too.
Mom saids we was havin' a BROWN OUT
I would radder has a COOK OUT!

I says da SUN SPOTS was causing da
Now I is gonna let Mom have dis
postee for only a couple minutes to
introduces you to my next pack mate...
Ok, Ms. DaWeenie
Go watch your sun spots or sun flares or whatever!

Our next furry friend sharing our house is

Rusty is Tucker's brother who you met on our "Meet Da Pack -- Day Seven Post.  Rusty was also a rescue from a bad situation but he didn't join our family until almost 2 years after Tucker came.

Rusty was nearly hairless from a mange condition, much the same way as his brother when he first came to live with us.  He was obviously very mistreated.  There is a section on his tail where the hair never grew back.  It's very possible he may have suffered a burn on his tail to cause this condition.  But he isn't talking about it.

Rusty is now 9 years old.  He is one of the most loving dogs I've had and seems to have forgotten his past.  His only problem is his fear of rain, storms, loud noises, etc.  He has actually become our barometer.  The sun can be shining brightly without a cloud in the sky.  If Rusty starts trembling, we know that it'll be raining within the hour.

There are two things that Rusty lives for:
Squeeky Toys and Swimming

And...can this boy ever swim!
I was sitting outside on the deck one day while Rusty was doing his laps.  He swam for 45 minutes back and forth, occasionally hitting the water with his paws and then trying to catch the drops.  Finally after 45 minutes I got tired watching him and called him out.

This video is one of the best although it's about 3 years old now.  Rusty's brother, Tucker, is swimming with him.  Tucker has some health problems now so I don't allow him to swim any more.  He's only allowed to play with the water hose.  The two other dogs who appear occasionally in the video are Serena (the Min Pin) and Angel (Powderpuff Chinese Crested--April's sister).  Sadly Serena and Angel are now at the Bridge and greatly missed.

Hope you enjoy the video of our future Olympic star!

Here are some additional pictures of our boy.


Tank you, Mom.  Now dere is only one more pack member to introduce every buddy to.  Butt, dat will happen on anudder postee.  You tooks enough time out of MY bloggie today.

I has one last announcement tingy!

Mom just finished anudder Update page for her web site, All the Dogs in My Life.  You can drop by and visit it by clicking

See ya'll da next time.
Haves a nice weekend.


May 2, 2011

Thank You...Thank You

Me's and My's Family Wants to
Send You All a Special
Thank You

Last week, my baldy sissy, April, had's to go into da doggie hospital.  Her's was very sickie and it
was very touchy and go-go for a while.



And I nose we can's thank every buddy
in Blogville
for all da prayers and good vibes
dat was sent our way last week.

You guys are da greatest!!!
Sissy April was still very tireds when her's furst got back home.

She still has on her boo boo bandie from where all da tubes were stuck in.

Today her's was feelin' a wittle bit better

Maybe's hers is feelin' too much better.
I herds Mom sayin' now she was goin' to get's a......
HAIRCUT AND BAF  {shudder}

So's all da crossed paws, good vibes, and prayers from
brought our April back home to us.
Thank You from da bottom of
my teenie weenie heart!

Later in da week I hopes to continue wit
I has two more pack mates to intro-duce
to ya'll!

For Nows.....