Feb 9, 2018

Thankful Thursday on Friday

Hello Blogville

Our intention was to send a personal note to everyone who left a comment on our recent post regarding our sweet Holly beginning her journey to Rainbow Bridge.
(And there were so many beautiful comments)

Unfortunately my work schedule hasn't left me with the time I would need to write to everyone.


Amber has generously let me "borrow" her blog to say
to everyone who was there for us during this sad time of loss.  Holly was with us for over 17 years and left many memories behind.  She took with her many pieces of our broken hearts.  We will never forget our time with her.

Also THANK YOU to Ann of Zoolatry for the beautiful badge.

We would also like to thank
for featuring Holly as
Pup of the Week.

Amber, Max, and the Pack all send their love.
We do hope we can get back to regular posting soon.  

Love You All...
Thank You Again!

Feb 3, 2018

Until We Meet Again...

Our home is a very sad place right now...

I had to say goodbye to my sissy, Holly

You can read Holly's story

I hope to come back to Blogville real soon.

Mommy promised me.

Luv to all of you
and a