Dec 30, 2011


HowDee Ya'LL!

Me hads to sneaky on da puter tonight cause da Momma will be bizee da next couple of days wit a school project....really are really too old smart to be taking online classes anyway! 
{Insert clearing of throat sound}

Befores mee starts mee postee, here be a wittle warm-up video to tickle you funny bones and get ya weddy for a
Hap-Pee Nu Ear!
Here be our pal Dexter from
Dexter's Ruff Life
wit his "Year In Review" Video.

Okee-Dokee....back to da impawtant stuffs!

Wit da comin' of da nu ear, wee all needs a calendar, right?
Can't miss dos impawtant Blogville dates. 
Here be me storee!

Four score & seven four ears ago da Momma sent in some flashy beasty fotos of mee Packmate April's (da Neked one) Mommy and Powderpuff sissy.  Da Mommy was named DeeDee and April's Puff sissy was named Angel.  Sadly DeeDee and Angel are both at da Bridge now cause dey had bad tickers.  DeeDee left us in 2009 and Angel left us in 2010.
A couple months ago da Momma got a letter from Workman Publishing Company in New York.  Four years later dey is using da foto of DeeDee and Angel dat da Momma sent to dem.
Momma was so hap-pee and said it was like DeeDee and Angel were comin' back for a visit in 2012.

Sissy April and Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) are so hap-pee dat April's Mommy and Sissy are in da 2012 BAD DOG Calendar.

Dis is what dey look like.  Dere foto is on
May 7
Mee also has a reminder for ya!
Don't forget to send in a square (or two or tree) for da Memory Quilt for da FEARLESS FIVE.  Lots of squares are still needed so spread da word.
Visit da
for all da informations.

Here be da two squares dat mee be sendin'

Dis is from mee (and brudder Max's) baby blanket when we was jus' wee pups

And dis be a piece of da new stuffs mee got for mee new dwess
(dat me is still waitin' for)
{Insert clearing throat sound again}

While you is visitin' da
leave a Crossed Paw for Anna Rose.
Her is a bit under da wedder and spendin' da night at da hopital place.
And barkin' bout da stuffs to make me dwess, yup, mee is still waitin.  Da Momma keeps sayin' her is jus' too bizee right now but her will get to it some time.
(yeah, right)

Don't tells her, but mee is gonna sneak her plastic tingy and go shoppin'.  Mee has found a place wit da cutest dwesses and odder stuffs to go wit da dwesses....bows, ribbons, PJ's....Wow!
to visit Valygals Duds.
Anyones wanna go shoppin' wit me?
Da Momma won't nose!
Mee wants to be a ValyGal!
Ok....mee will say bye for now and see ya'll next ear!


Dec 24, 2011

Hap-Pee Holly-Days and New Weenies in Blogville

Hi Ya'LL
Da Momma said mee has to go to bed if mee wants Santa Paws to come....butt mee is not weddy to have da sugar plums dancin' cross mee wittle bwain jus' yet.
So get ya'll weddy for what mee has to say.....
Here be a poemy jus' for you:
It's the day before Christmas
And all through the house
The puppies are squeaking
An old rubber mouse.

The wreath which had merrily
Hung on the door
Is scattered in pieces
All over the floor.

The stockings that hung
In a neat little row
Now boast a hole in
Each one of the toes.

The tree was subjected
To bright-eyed whims,
And now, although splendid,
It's missing some limbs.

I catch them and hold them.
"Be good", I insist.
They lick me, then run off
To see what they've missed.

And now as I watch them
The thought comes to me,
That their's is the spirit
That Christmas should be.

Should children and puppies
Yet show us the way,
And teach us the joy
That should come with this day?

Could they bring the message
That's written above,
And tell us that, most of all
Christmas is love.
(Da Momma told us dat was what our furst Christmas was like)

Bet dis is what it be like at JoJo's house dis year.  Bout 87 million years ago mee and da brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) were jus' wee pups gettin' into jus' bout everyting we could.  Oh wee were on da Naughty List year after year after year.
(Don't read any further Mom) wee be very good pups.

And dey be a sissy/brudder team just like mee and brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie).
Dey is named.....
(And dey be jus' wee ones--practically newly hatched)

Hopes ya'll can pops on over dere to give dem a gweat BIG

Dey is

Movin wite along, guess mee isn't gettin' mee Christmas miracle.....mee new dwess!  Butt da Momma pawmised mee her would start on it when da holly-days be ovr and her has more time to figure out how to make it to spend working on it to make it all purrty for mee.
So...might as well not hold mee breath!

Since mee won't get mee Christmas miracle for 87 more years, mee would like to shares anudder real Christmas miracle stowee wit ya'll.  It be a good stowee to watch tonight...Christmas Eve.  It be pawt of da movie SANTA BUDDIES.
So let's snuggle and watch dis togedder.
By da time it be ovr....mee will be weddy for dos sugar plum tingys to start dere dancin'.


Amber and Max

Dec 22, 2011

No Christmas Miracle for Me :o(

Me is So So So


Da Momma Has Let Da Amber Down!

Me feels so unluved!
(Do anyone out dere haves a tissue me can borrow have?)

You see....da only ting me wanted in time for greeting da Santa Paws was dwess.  Me furst ever dwess.  Me gots some funny lookin' t-bone shirts to wears but no dwess.

Mee Feels so NEKED!

Here be mee story.

Me took da Momma's plastic tingy and popped on down to da store.  Me got me da purrtiest dwess pattern and materials.
Even some Lacey stuffs.

You never guess what happened next!

Da Momma make dis for da Neked One!

Now does her look very hap-pee bout it?

And da next ting me nose, da Momma makes dis
(for da Neked One agains)

Oh, her didn't forgets me completely!
Me got a stoopid poopy ear warmer from da leftovers.
(Like mee needs to keep mee ears warm in Florida)

Her said me could also keep me neck warm!

Guess me will jus settle down for me long winter nap and maybees (jus maybees) me will get me new dwess in bout 87 days.

Well, since dis be me very furst dwess when Mom quits goofing off and makes it, me tinks me will send a square to
for da Houston Pittie Pack's

Ok's...Back to me nap now.


Here be Dexter wit his version of
12 Dawg Days of Christmas!



Dec 19, 2011

We'll Never Forget

A BIG Blogville
to everyone out dere!

Today me is busy wit me Christmas shoppin so me is gonna let Da Momma do mee postee since her has been slackin' off  busy herselfs lately.

Here be MEE so ya'll remembers what me looks like

Thank you, Amber, for giving me this honor to borrow your blog today...

As most of us already know, Blogville has been grieving this weekend over the tragic events in Houston early on Friday morning.  Amber had a couple of posts ready to go, but her and I discussed it and decided to post this instead.

Once again Blogville has come together as one to offer support and a shoulder to cry on (as I'm sure all of us have shed tears this weekend).  And I also know that all of us have given our furbabies lots of extra love and hugs this weekend too.  It's also made many of us slow down and realize that anything can happen without warning so we must live every day as if it were our last. 
(Thank you, Momma Tea, for the beautiful tribute photo)

Yes, my friends...Blogville has come together in the traditional Blogville way.  The "Chip In" fund has far surpassed its goal and money is still pouring in from around the world.  I'm adding the Chip-In link to my sidebar as it will be open until February 15.

"What's Her Name", (our very own Agnes from Dachies With Moxie) will be making a quilt including real pieces of Blogville that our friends will be sending in.  We know first hand how beautiful her work is since Amber was the first recipient of a "Agnes Original" placemat.  Agnes, I hope you can make a quilt as big as a football field.

Frankie had a very good post yesterday with all the information on the different things Blogville is doing for Sandra and the Houston Pittie Pack.
Please Click
to visit Frankie's post from yesterday.

In summary, the world will go on and Blogville will go on, but Sandra's world has come to a grinding halt, suspended in animation, as I'm sure she's re-living that horrible night over and over again as we all would if it happened to us.  But this will pass with time and only the good memories will remain.

Blogville is here for you Sandra whenever you need us.

On a different topic....
Remember Bailey, the little Santa Paw's helper who was in the Photo Contest on Facebook?
I'm happy to announce that Bailey came in 2nd when the contest ended.  Again...THANK YOU to all of you who cast a vote for Bailey on Facebook.
Finally, I would like to leave you with this video that a friend sent me this morning.  Seeing it made me remember that Shelby from the Pittie Pack was a rescue dog found in a Walmart parking lot near death and then given a beautiful, happy, full life by Sandra and the Pittie Pack.

Enjoy the video of
and remember all the beautiful animals in shelters and rescue organizations waiting for their forever homes.  We also remember those still on the streets waiting to be rescued.  Our Christmas wish would be to bring as many of these furbabies to their forever homes in time for the holidays.

Thank you for letting me take Amber's place today.  She'll be back again later this week unless she runs up my charge account and I have to put her into a "Time Out" for about 10 years!

Happy "Last Week Before Christmas" to all of you!

With Love,
(Amber's Mom)


Dec 12, 2011

Da Weenies VS. Da Peeps


Yup-pee Pup-pee...
Mee and Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie)
and Da Pack is really beatin' da Momma's and da Poppa's butts!
Wee gots 35 cards
Da Peeps only have ... 9

Here is da proof!
Dese are all MINE's!

Da Closeup View

Mee needed anudder row

And...since da foto was taken, mee has got 3 more cards from:
Jan's Funny Farm
OP Pack
Da Harville Hounds

Da Peeps have been around for hundreds of years and dis is only mee furst Christmas in Blogville, so me says PSSSSSSST to da Peeps!  Woo be more impawtant???


(Da Peeps didn't even hang up dere 9 cards...BOL)

Remember our new furend, Bailey??

Bailey is tryin' really hard to win a BIG contest for Christmas.  Right now Bailey is leadin' da sleigh but dere is anudder pup a nippin' on his heals.
Da contest is goin' on till December 18
Bailey needs a cushion to make sure dat he ends up bein' da honorary Rudolph at da front helpin' Santa Paws find his way.

So pleeeeeeeeze spread da word to all your furends who have FaceyBook.
All you have to do is click on da linky dinky under Bailey's handsome Santa Paws face to take you to da contest.
Den scroll down till you find Bailey's foto.
Bailey was submitted on December 1 so you may have to hit "older posts" a couple of times to get to da December 1 fotos.
Once you find da foto of Santa Paws Bailey,
just LIKE him.
(And woo could not LIKE dat face?)
You can leave a comment if you want to
(or not.....just LIKE cute Bailey)

And pleeeeeze let every buddy else nose too.

We need Bailey at da front of Santa Paws' sleigh dis year!
 Pleeeeze tell your furends too so Bailey can get lots of votes.

Vote for Bailey



Mee last ting for today!

Is ya'll workin' on your ornament for da
BLOGVILLE CHRISTMAS TREE?  Wee needs to fill up da twee by December 17.

Just click
to visit da
for all da de-tails!

Times for me to go back and work on mee ornament for da twee so me says BYE for now!

One Last Thought fur all mee furends who live where it be COLD
(unlike mee)

Till We Meet Again!


Dec 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Kinda)

Our cute wittle furend, Bailey, needs some help.  If you have a Facebook account please go vote for him in the Christmas contest. Isn't Bailey a really cute SANTA PAWS!!! 

Go to the Facebook Page, Click on Like, then find Bailey’s Photo and Like his photo.

That's all there is to it! 

Da Momma doesn't trust teenie weenie me wit a Faceybook account, so pleeeeeeeeze (purrty pleeeeeeeeeeeeze) pass dis around to all of your furends too so Bailey can get lots of votes.

Vote for Bailey



Now here comes da WORDLESS pawt of WEDNESDAY!

Wouldn't you just love to get your hoomans one of dese to put under da tree Christmas morning?

See ya'll real soon
Pleeeeeze remember to vote for Bailey!
one and all!


Dec 2, 2011

Hap-Pee Holly-Days

Hellooooo To All Me Furends!

Da Momma has been a bit under da wedder and has been jus' layin' around since Tanksgiving {no Big Bird on T-Day  :o(    }

Her is better now, butt now her has to catch up on every ting her didn't do while her was sick.  Me tried to help her by sleepin' next to her and keepin her warm.

Den when me human sissy was in da hospital for a week, we took care of da human grand bipeds for a few days.

So...tings have been busy around here.


Me jus' had to stop in and say HI to all me Blogville furends.  Me is still on bloggy breaky, but me will pop in whenever me can.  Dis should all end soon.

In da meantime, me jus had to wish all me furends a special


Wit dis card...

Sissy April tinks it be her one true luv
But me told her it wasn't.

See Ya'll Real Soon     

Nov 22, 2011

Dis and Dat

Howdy Every Blogville Buddy

Mee is still on mee bloggy breaky
Mee had to pop mee teenie weenie head in to say Hellooooo
(so mee furends wouldn't forgets mee).
Furst mee wants to say a BIG thank you to
for da b-u-t-ful new header foto.
(Yes, dat is really mee)
Did every buddy nose dat November is
Well, you nose it now!

My Sissy APRIL is a

And our good buddy, GIBSON
is also an EPI Pup!

And wee has so many good furends in Blogville who get da visits from da ugly S-MONSTER!
Sissy APRIL had such a scary visit almost tree years ago dat her almost went to da Bridge.  Her was probably halfway dere when dey sent her back.  Her started taking da PEE-medicines and dat last visit from da S-MONSTER probably scared dat old S-MONSTER so bad dat it ain't been back.
Wee is all so tankful for dat!

Now my impawtant message for every buddy!

Gibson's Momma has gathered lots of really, really good informations bout da
S-MONSTER and put it all in a postee.  Wee all needs to make note of dis nose...just in case!
(Cause you jus' never nose when you might needs it)

So clicky
to gets all dis good informations

Make sure you watch da wonderfur slideshow at FIVE SIBES wit all our furends who have been visited by da S-MONSTER!


Next, mee wants to remind every buddy dat da holly-days will soon bee here.
Please make sure dat you stop by and visit da
hosted by da wonderful
Dey have helped so many of us, including mee packmate, TUCKER (RIP).  So let's all try and pawticipate in da auction so dere good work can continue for our Blogville furends!
to visit da Holly-Day Auction!


Movin right along....dis is
It also be da week to give our furend
Da Bird!!!
for all da Birdy De-Tails!

Dis one's for you, Sarge!

Dis foto is furnished by Da Momma's very good furend in
North Carolina
(Thank You, Furend in NC)

Dis for you too, Sarge

Mee also wants to remind every buddy bout da big pawty dat Ronnii, Izzy, and Uji are planning to welcome all da new residents of Blogville.
for all da de-tails bout da pawty!

Guess dat's bout it for now, Blogville!
Da Momma is still lookin like dis

(Only Worse!)

One more ting...Prayers  and crossed paws needed for mee hooman sissy who is back in da hospital for da fifth time dis year (Her must luv dat place).  Mee hopes her can get back to her kids and hubby for Turkey Day.
Mee will be on a bloggy breaky for a wittle bit longer butt mee is still tryin to stop by and visit my furends.  A furend of mine sent me dis video and mee is sending it to mee furends so dey don't forget what a weenie looks like!



Nov 9, 2011

A Special Thank You on Wordless Wednesday (Just Not Wordless)

Hellooooooooo Blogville Buddies!

Well, da Thanksgiving holly-day will be comin soon here in da USA.  We has lots to be tankful for dis holly-day season.  We is specially tankful for our furends in Blogville dat has supported us and been dere for us dis past year.  Mee tinks mee will let da Momma take it from here cause dis be some really impawtant stuffs.

Roll It Da Momma!

Thank you, Amber.  We do have a lot to be thankful for this year.  The pack seems to be enjoying good health at the moment except for some occasional senile episodes from Benji.  But, hey, he is going on 16 years old.

Unfortunately we lost a couple members of our pack this year.  Reno left for the Bridge suddenly while he was being boarded at the vet's office when we were in Michigan back in June.  We knew he was ready to make that journey soon, but hoped he would wait until our return from the trip.  Reno had other plans and we were thankful that he was with our vet.

Tucker's sudden diagnosis of lung cancer in early July left us in shock.  Tucker was only 9 years could this be happening?  But, cancer doesn't look at age when it decides to attack.  Tucker's cancer was very aggressive and we were told he only had a few days to live.  How could we say goodbye to our boy that quickly?

The staff oncologists at the cancer center said that chemo would extend his life and give him a good quality of least for a little while.  And there was a slim chance he could go into remission.  It was a "slim" chance but it was better than no chance and we had to do what we could for our Tucker.  So chemotherapy started the day after the diagnosis.

The primary tumor did get smaller and Tucker was doing very well.  His quality of life was very good so the chemo treatments were doing what they were meant to do.  Unfortunately after the first month and four treatments, smaller tumors started to develop in his lungs and were spreading rapidly.  We knew then that we had to prepare to say goodbye to our little guy very soon.

Then along came the CROSSED PAWS Group.

Crossed Paws heard about Tucker and sent him the most wonderful HAPPINESS HAMPER filled with toys and treats.

Click HERE to view how happy Tucker was with his treasures from Crossed Paws.

He received his Happiness Hamper five days before he started his journey to Rainbow Bridge.  Again, I'm very thankful because Tucker's gifts gave him so much joy and happiness during his last days with us.  He was still cuddling with his new Wubba the very same morning that he had to leave us.

(Tucker's Last Picture Before His Journey to Rainbow Bridge)

Our little boy was gone but along with all the good memories he left with us, he also left us a huge hospital bill for his four chemo treatments and all the CT scans he had while he was receiving his treatments.  We never had any regrets about the treatments and I know we made the right choice.  The bills were staggering but we knew somehow we would manage and get through it.  Things would be a little tight for a while but we had to believe that we would be just fine.

Then once again I received the totally unexpected.  Last week an email came like a sign from Heaven.  CROSSED PAWS was our rescuer once again.  They had some money left over from all the auctions and charity events that were hosted during the year, and they decided to split it three ways to help with medical bills that were run up by some of our Blogville friends.  Tucker was chosen to be one of the recipients of the leftover funds to help pay for his final expenses.

CROSSED PAWS has a brand new look and a new web address.  You can now find them at:
Please be sure to stop by for a visit and see their wonderful new Home Page and also stop by to visit their BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  They also have a raffle in place for a beautiful piece of custom-made jewelry.  Amber will be purchasing her raffle tickets this week.  There is also going to be a CROSSED PAWS HOLIDAY AUCTION beginning on November 19.  Visit Crossed Paws for all the details.  We all know how much fun these auctions are, and Amber will certainly be there for this one too.

There are just no words deep enough to say THANK YOU to Crossed Paws and also to our Blogville friends who support their friends in Blogville in time of need.  CROSSED PAWS has come to our rescue twice to save us and we are so grateful.  I will forever think of them as the

Momma...{sniff sniff}
Mee needs a tissue pleeeeeze!
Thank you, Crossed Paws.  You be super duper!

Every buddy...pleeeeeze watch fur all da upcoming charity events hosted by da CROSSED PAWS GROUP and pawticipate if you can!  You won't be sowie!!
Now fur some unrelated noos..
We needs to take a very short blogging bweak.  Da Momma is startin to look like dis...

Her has so many holly-day projects in da works including some new holly-day items for da upcoming Crossed Paws Holly-Day Auction, and da Momma isn't very well organ-ized.  Her has no organs left, in fact.  Anyway, mee will still try to keep readin' all da postees from mee furends but mee won't have mee assistant to helps mee type da comments.  And mee claws be too long so mee can't type by mee wittle self.  Butt...dis will only be a shortee bweak...mee pawmises.  Two or tree weeks maybees.

So pleeeeeze don't forgets mee!
I Be Back!



Nov 4, 2011

A Pressie.....For ME!


Me gots a package!
Yep...Me gots a package and it had me own name on it!

Dis is what da package looked like.
(Mom, it be upside down--Where's me name?)

Hmmm...Me tinks me smells Ginger, Chip, Tasha, Anna Rose, and Thai in here...

Look, dere is a letter

It be from me pals from is so x-cited...quick let me see what be inside da box!




Dis is MY very own PLACEMAT
and no one else better touch it!

Isn't me cute!

Look at all da purrty colors on da back!

And da purrty Mini Mee in da corner!

Now you can get your very own placemat, tapestry, or quilt too!

Just click

to visit What's Her Name's
New Store
(Tell 'em AMBER sent ya!)