Feb 28, 2013

A Point To Ponder ???

Hey There...
Remember Me?
The other half of
The half that never gets to post anything!

Here I am in case you furgot what I look like!

Anywho...Sissy BIG BUTT is off ridin on
Magic Bumble Bee to help him celebrate his 11th birthday today.
So, I'm HIJACKING our blog today!

I have a dilemma and I don't nose how to handle it!
My little sissy, Shelby, was born on February 29, 2012.
So do that mean she won't have a barkday for 3 more years, or do I wish her a Hap-Pee Barkday today????? Or maybe tomorrow????  Or not until 2016????

Any answer to this question would be greatly appreciated.
Here is my baby sissy who will be one year old on February 29, 2016! 


I'm also sending out a big
to Weenie.....the love of BIG BUTT's life!
Shhhhh....can ya'll keep a secret!
Weenie's sissy, Mona, hid a camera on Weenie's 
Magic Bumble Bee
so we can keep an eye on them as they zoom around the skies of Florida.

So click HERE to hop on over to Weenie and Mona's blog and wish him a Hap-Pee 11th!
And maybe you can catch the lovebirds when they least expect it....{insert evil brotherly laugh here}

Stop by for some cake!

(who may NEVER blog again) 

Feb 14, 2013

Wuv is in Da Air :)

We been weally feelin da wuv da last couple of weeks.
(Note from Mom:  Yes, Amber.  We have been feeling the love.  And I want to personally thank everyone who has sent us prayers and condolences for Rusty.  Once again, Blogville was right there offering support and comfort and we love each and every one of you.  Thank You)

Ok...Mom--take your tissue box in da odder room and sniffle in dere...not all over me puter!

Me wants to wish every buddy a gweat big

Me's at da
wit me sweetie WEENIE.
And Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie)
is here too wit Weenie's sissy, MONA.
Wonders if Max and Mona just came to spy on me and Weenie (or is sometin else brewin' in Blogville?) 
On anudder topic, we wants to thank
for dis wonderfur award dat me got almost a month ago.  Fur now, me just shows da award.  When me assistant is done tying up all da flappy ends round here, her will help me answer da questions letting me receive da award all official and everyting.
We still is dealing wit so much stuffs on our plate (and it don't be food), so fur a little while me will just be poppin in and out as often as me can.
Me wants to leave all me furiends (especially me Pug furiends) wit dis wittle video of one cute wittle Puggy wit a pwoblem!
Click HERE.
Tootles till da next time..
Feel da Wuv!

Feb 8, 2013

Until We're Together Again.....RIP

A special thank you for all the support during this sad time for our family, both human and canine.  Rusty had a very special place in our pack and will be missed.

We know he's back with his brother, Tucker, now and that helps us accept the loss, as they were very close.

Rusty handled the surgery to remove the two-pound tumor, his spleen, and six inches of his intestines and started to recover very well.  But then his frail little body just couldn't handle the post-op infection that took over yesterday.

Rusty slipped away peacefully in his sleep this morning at the clinic. 
Please excuse us for a week or so while we re-group and figure out how to move on without our little man on board.

We Will Be Back Soon.

Lots of Love! 

Feb 7, 2013

Rusty is Slipping--More POTP Needed Please

We just talked to the vet a little while ago.

Rusty's condition has gone downhill over the last few hours.  His survival chances have dropped again.

The vet told me his bloodwork is good but does show an elevated white blood cell count indicating a possible infection.

He is now on additional antibiotics but no improvement has been noted as of right now.

Our Internet connection has also been very sketchy today, but I will try and post another update later today or tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for the prayers.  Our boy really needs them right now.

Feb 6, 2013

Update on Brudder Rusty

Me's all pooped out and went through da wringer yesterday waiting to hear sometin bout me Rusty, so me givin me post time to Mom today...okee dokey??
Before I say anything else, I want to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to all our wonderful friends in Blogville.  Yesterday we received so many heartwarming comments and personal emails along with prayers and lots of Paw Power!  And I want to add that it worked, although Rusty isn't quite out of the woods yet.

On Monday our wonderful vet was honest enough to say that on the sonogram, Rusty's tumor looked pretty bad.  He also said to prepare for the worst as his recommendation would be to just let Rusty quietly leave this world if he opened him up and found a "big mess" in there.

Surprisingly he found the tumor to be very "clean" without "fingers", although it was very large.  Actually the tumor weighed 2 pounds...poor Rusty is only about 11 pounds now.
The tumor was touching the spleen and partially wrapped around his intestines (which explains why Rusty couldn't poop normally and had diarrhea most of the time).  The vet made the decision to also remove his spleen and six inches of his intestines to make sure he got it all out.  He feels since it came out in one piece along with all the surrounding tissue, that there won't be a need for any further treatments.

One uncertainty is Rusty's liver.  There were no cancerous nodules on the liver, but it was very pale in color.  So the vet also took a liver sample to send along with the tumor to the lab for analysis and a biopsy.  The results should be back in about a week.

I just spoke to the vet this morning.  Rusty had a very restful night (on a morphine drip) and was walking around this morning.  The first 48 hours after surgery is crucial because of possible blood clot formation that could kill him, so they're keeping a close eye on him today.  I will check back tonight to see how his day went.  So far he's refusing to eat, but who could blame him!
So we're feeling cautiously optimistic right now.  And once again the POTP has been heard and answered.  Thank You!
Yes, my friends.  The POTP really does work.  Now let's keep this going for our buddy,
who is having a similar surgery today.

And as if this wasn't enough,
will also be having surgery this week to check a mass that was found.

And we can't forget
who is waiting for some very important test results! 

We would also like to send our own POTP to all those who are feeling poorly right now, pets and their peeps included.
Blogville and all its residents are the best!

Feb 4, 2013

Power of the Paw Needed for Brudder Rusty

All my dear furiends.....
My pack brudder, Rusty, needs some POTP!
Rusty is Tucker's (RIP) brudder and me don't want him to leave too.

Here be Mom!
Rusty wasn't feeling well over the weekend so off to the vet we went this afternoon.

The vet did a sonogram and found a large mass in the area of his liver/spleen.

Rusty will have surgery on Tuesday as the vet attempts to remove the mass if it isn't attached to a vital organ or has spread to other organs.

If the news is good, Rusty will be back home with us.  If the news isn't so good, Rusty will never come home again as I won't let him suffer any longer.  He will once again be reunited with his brother, TUCKER.

Please keep our boy in your thoughts and prayers.
We are also thinking about our friends, ASTA and REMINGTON, and sending prayers to them.
Thank you.  Blogville is a real source of comfort to us.   

Feb 3, 2013

B and W Sunday--Who Done It Edition!


Don't furget to stop by da
fur our furiend, Sallie!
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