Jun 8, 2016

Not Wordless on Wednesday

Before I say anything, I want to thank every BUDDY who left me their warm wishes, prayers, and especially all the POTP!!!!

POTP really does work!  And it worked for ME!
Mommy was so scared and even my new dogter was a little worried today.

BUTT.....he said my LIVER was smiling and looked good enough to EAT!


But maybe a little bit of liver jerky would taste good!

Just to be on the safe side, I am now taking some special vitaminies fur my liver to make it healthy.

I have to go back for another blood test in a month.

For now he's thinking that maybe the high liver numbers were caused by a minor infection that has cleared up.

So all is good!

Brudder Max and Sissy Shelby were happy that I was home again.

I was scared that all my furiends probably furgot about me...
All the POTP proved me wrong.

Blogville is WonderFul!

Thank you again!

Love You All!

Jun 6, 2016

POTP Fur Me...Pleeeeze

To All My Wonderful Furiends...

Hopes ya'll still remembers me.
I sit with Mommy every day and read all 'bout your adventures on her smarty phone.  We still havin pwoblems wit my InnerNuts and wit Tropical Storm Colin goin by, we don't even have da television today.  Other than dis, I'm adjusting very well to my new house, even if I don't see very good.

Daddy is building me a ramp so I don't keep fallin' off da ledge when I go out the doggie door to do my business.

I'm happy in my new house.  We're all doing very well.  Daddy is still at the old house until he sells it.  Then he'll be down here with us.

I went to see my new dogter fur the furst time last week.  He found some stuffs wrong with my LIVER.  Now he wants to look and see if there's something growin in there that shouldn't be there.

Tomorrow mornin' (if the roads aren't all flooded from Tropical Storm Colin) I'm goin fur an Ultrasound so da dogter can see inside me and find out what's goin on.

Please think about me and if you can, send some POTP in my direction that the Dogter doesn't see anything that shouldn't be there.

I'm fighting real hard to get back to Blogville.  Sure do miss every buddy...