Jul 29, 2014


Mommy has been under so much stress so me thought me would make her hap-pee by doing what dis smartee pants dog is doin.



Jul 26, 2014

Brudder Max is Back :)

Me was so worrisome on me last post dat me Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) got eated by cousin K-9 Officer Chase
dat not happen.

DaOdderWeenie is alive and well.
Him just sneaked out of da house to dig up a tweet him hid dere.

Me and da BIG GUY got to be good furiends (as long as me didn't break da law)

Me really hated to see Officer Chase and him's sidekick, Sabrina, go back to Michigan.

Sabrina is a sweetie and a wittle more me size!

K-9 Officer Chase had to get a good rest before da long drive home to Michigan.
Him looks so sad to be leaving me.

See him's name on da window on his cop car .
Stay safe, Cousin Chase

Da Momma has some cleaning up to do and some errands to run (long past due),
her promised we'd be back in Blogville soon.

In da meantime....
Keep Smilin!
We Are!


Jul 16, 2014

We Not Be Eaten Yet!

Dis be week 2 of
from Michigan...

K-9 Officer Chase is me buddy.  Him not eated me...yet!

Dad gives him lots of tweets to keep him's tummy full!
(Thank you, Dad)

Where be Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie)??


Jul 1, 2014

HiDiHo Maties!

Shiver me timbers
rustle me tweet bag!

Today wee's joinin in on all da fun to
Fwankie's eyeballs!

No Patch Fur Fwankie!

Thank You
Fur da really cool
collar bandanas!

We heard dere was a big treasure chest full of.....tweets buried somewhere on a deserted island located somewhere .... (just not sure where)....so we called our K-9 Cop Cousin from Michigan and him be here to help us look fur it.  (K-9 Cops have really good noses fur stuffs like that you nose)

So...fur da next 3 weeks you might not see us too much in Blogville cause me, brudder Max (DaOdderPirate) and da Pirate pack will be busy helping Cousin Chase look fur dat chest of tweets before him has to go back and protect da State of Michigan.

Be Back Soon...(hopefully wit a tummy full of tweets from da treasure chest dat me cop cousin finds)

Dis be human brudder, Officer Jeff, and our K-9 cop cousin, Chase, from Michigan!