Jul 31, 2015

Friday Flashback and a Peek at 65+ Years at Rainbow Bridge

Hap-Pee Fry-Day
Every Buddy out Dere!

Don't nose why Mommy's been takin' long walkies down Memory Lane lately
My TEENIE WEENIE feeties are startin' to hurt from all da loooooong walkies!

We went on a reeeeeeally looooong walkie in our dreams to visit all Mommy's furbabies at
Here is da pic taken right from one of da 87 million pages of Mommy's website
remembering all our furiends.
Maybees you remember some of them.
Can you find Benji, Reno, April, Rusty, Tucker, and Bailey?

Da pup sitting up sideways on da right side of da pic is JACKIE.  Jackie's pic was taken in 1948, da year before Mommy was hatched.  Jackie was here to welcome Mommy into da world!

All da rest of da pups in da pic were Mommy's furbabies throughout her life.  Her remembers each and every one of dem and loves and misses dem all.

Someday me and brudder Max (DaUdderWeenie) and da rest of our pack will join all da others.  Mommy says just don't makes it too soon.

If ya'll ever have nuttin' to do on a rainy day, you's can read stories bout every one in da pic at Mommy's website.

Sendin every buddy lots of love and PawHugs!


Jul 23, 2015

Frankie and Ernie Saved Us

Yup...We were saved from certain starvation by our Wiener Furends on da Hill!

Our visitors from Michigan have gone home and boy were we hungry 'cause now Mom has been takin a rest and ignoring, starving, not feedin' us on time!

Then.....a BOX came in da mail!
 Brudder Max was FURst to check it out

 Hmmm...what is this good smellin stuff?

 Hey Amber...come see this!

Oh dis smells so good!

BRAVO ... and its all grain free, natural, freeze dried, and made in da USA! 

 OK...enough already!  Let me get dis puppy open!

 Ah..Woman!  Could use a wittle bit of help here!

Holee GuaccaMolee...
Da Woman gots to cook dis.
"Just Add Warm Water"
Don't NOSE if Mom can handle dis!

Ok...Not Bad, Mom!
(You Surprise Us!) 

 Oh, dis is soooo good and yummy too!

 There were freeze dried TREATS too!
We didn't want to share wit da pack, BUTT Mom said it was da right thing to do.

OK, DAD......pass 'em out and do it quick!

 Pepper's tongue says it all!

More Please!

Unknown to us, Mom sneaked in a video of us enjoying our BRAVO dinner!


And now a word from our ASSistant....

Sorry we haven't been able to post any updates on Shelly lately but it's been a real roller coaster ride with her treatment and care.  She was released from the re-hab center on June 3 when her re-hab insurance ran out of benefits.  We brought her home to try and care for her here, but six days later she was back in the hospital again.  After three weeks of hospital care, we brought her back here again.  We tried so hard for almost a month and failed miserably in trying to take care of her.  She was very weak and unable to walk, even with her prosthetic leg.  She fell a few times and on one of those occasions, I pulled a muscle in my back trying to pick her up.  John injured his back trying to push her down three stairs in a wheelchair to get her to the car for a doctor appointment.  The doctors, her case worker, and a social worker have all agreed that we just can't take care of her properly with all her disabilities.  On Sunday we had to take her to the ER again and she is now back in ICU as they try to diagnose her latest problems.  They are actively searching for another re-hab center that will accept her when she is able to be discharged.  This has been a long, hard road for all of us, but your continued prayers and POTP will get us through this latest crisis.  For this I say THANK YOU to each and every one of you.  Hopefully they will locate a nice place that can help her.


Jul 1, 2015

Wittle Bit Wordy on WindsDay

Hey...It's Me!

It's really ME!

And ME gots some news~

Do Ya'll Remembers me Human Brudder
From Michigan......

Well, him and him's family will be
arriving at my house later on today!!!

BUTT...me has da sads...
K-9 Cop Chase won't be comin' on dis twip!
All because dey is flyin' dis time and Chase don't likes to fly 'cause him has no wings.
BUTT we's all gonna have fun anyway
(and me don't gots to worry bout being LUNCH)

We's gonna check in on every buddy but probably won't be able to comment or post much 'cause da puter is in da guest room.

Me will miss ya'll
PawHugs till we meet again.

Me Loves Ya'll and
See ya in a couple of weeks!