Apr 30, 2015

Very Thankful Thursday

Me and da pack and me Mommy, Daddy, and
Sissy Shelly
gots so much to be fankful fur today.

We still gots Sissy Shelly with us after almost losing her.

Sissy Shelly is very fankful to be alive and
can still hold her kiddies

We's all fankful fur all our wonderful furiends in
Blogville.....dere are no words or woofs dat can ever say how much.

Sissy wants ya'll to nose how grateful her is fur all da support and love ya'll have shown through your prayers, donations to the GoFundMe account, and participation in da auction.  Through all of this.....YOU HAVE GIVEN HER LIFE BACK TO HER!!!!

There is still a long long long road ahead.
BUTT we's all gonna make it!

Thank you to Ann for making all the badges for the Auction...
And to Marg for hosting it.
And to our furiends in Blogville who have donated some very special treasures and to those bidding on these special treasures.


Apr 21, 2015

It Be ME...Amber...With a Sissy Update

Mommy wanted to steal my blog again today
me told her NO NO NO
Because her would get eye waters in me keyboard!

Her should go buy stocks in KLEENEX
because her uses so much of it!

NO...her not sad.  These are tears of JOY
Because of

Ya'll have really come through fur my
Sissy Shelly!

A special THANKS to
For all the work on our new header announcing the upcoming auction and sidebar graphic for the
account that was set up by Shelly's furiend, Angie!

And a special THANKS to
who will be hosting the upcoming auction!

And a WHOPPER of a thank you to Chef Sasha and her Mom fur keepin' me and da pack well fed AND all of me furiends in Blogville who have said prayers, sent cards and emails, donated hard earned green papers to GoFundMe that will help toward the cost of a fake leg and a custom motorized wheelchair (her insurance doesn't cover any of this), and all my furiends who have just been there to keep Mommy from exploding into a million wittle pieces.
{Dat would be such a BIG MESS fur me to clean up}
Sissy is workin her way back to us.  Her is now in a rehab center gettin' rehabed!
Her losted her right leg at da knee on April 10.  {Too bad her leg wasn't microchipped....her might find it again} Five days later her losted all her claws (fingers halfway) 'cept fur one and her two thumbs.  Her also losted all her toes 'cept fur da big one on her left foot.  There is a lot of nerve damage to her left foot and her may still lose dat too....butt da dogters are going to give it a little time before makin' dat decision.

Her still can't bark very good.  Her has a really hard time gettin' those words out.  The dogters say it's because of her heart stopping back on February 10 and her brain isn't talking to her mouth very well.  (Guess dey be mad at each other???)  More rehabs fur dat!

In spite of all dat's been taken away from her, Mom says at least she is still with us.  We know her little beans miss havin' their Mom home with them, but one day she'll be back.

Sissy is very grateful for all the prayers and support and generosity and wants to write her own "Thank You's" when the "gauze boxing gloves" come off and she can learn to write or type again.  In the meantime, Mommy, Daddy, the Pack, and
thanks you all very much.


Apr 8, 2015

Updates and a Huge THANK YOU

Amber has agreed to let me take over her blog today so I can pass on some updates on our daughter's condition.  Of course I had to promise her some special treats in order for her to share her furiends with me.

Before I start, I want to say THANKS to all of you for the prayers and all the comforting words we've received both for Shelly and also for our oldest pack member, Bailey (RIP) since all this started back in the first week of February.  My original intention was to send out individual emails thanking you, but so many of you were there for us that I would spend the rest of the year writing emails.  So I apologize that I'm doing this in a post. Shelly has asked me to save all the blog comments and emails because when she's feeling better, she wants to read them all. So I've saved everything in a folder for her that I'll give her when she's better.

Shelly was taken to the hospital on February 8 when she was found unconscious.  The next day her heart stopped for 5 minutes.  She was put on a ventilator, dialysis machine, and life support because most of her organs were also shutting down.  After 3 weeks she improved slightly and was taken off the ventilator but then she started having problems with her blood.  Her red cells were disappearing and her white count was dangerously high.  Her blood pressure skyrocketed as well as her heart rate.  For more than a week she received blood transfusions daily.

Finally she was able to be released to a rehab center for physical therapy and hyperbaric treatments to try and save her right leg.  The treatments haven't worked so her right leg will be amputated along with her fingertips and one toe on her left leg.

On Monday of this week her blood pressure and heart rate skyrocketed again.  Her hemoglobin count is down to a dangerous level once again.  The rehab center sent her back to the hospital Monday night.  Once her blood level is controlled, she will have the surgery to remove her right leg.  The doctors are hoping to do this some time this week after an examination and clearance from the cardiologist.  Her speech also seems somewhat impaired.  She stutters or has to speak very slowly, one word at a time to communicate.  She may need speech therapy.

Shelly still has a very long hard road ahead of her.  We try to spend as much time as possible with her but it's very hard on us too.  The hospital is 2 hours away from us and the rehab center is 2-1/2 hours one way assuming there is no traffic (which is very rare driving through Orlando).  So it seems all we've been doing is driving over the past 2 months.

Again, thank you for sticking with us though all of this.  And thank you to the POTP team for helping with the updates in the beginning.  And a special thank you for all the personal cards and emails.  And Chef Sasha.....you're the greatest.  You've managed to keep the pack well fed during this emergency. Pictures of them getting into their "Chewy" boxes will be posted soon.

Hopefully Amber will be back to regular posting and commenting soon.  I'm reading all of your posts at the hospital daily and quite honestly, they are keeping me focused and in control.  We are going to stay tough and fight this illness with everything we've got!!!     :)


I have some very sad, unrelated news to pass on.  Many of you may remember the blog named "Holly Wags".  Holly's Mommy was a very good friend of mine who I knew long before Amber started blogging.  We visited Debbie and Holly in Virginia on many occasions through the years on our trips back from Michigan.  Debbie is actually responsible for getting Amber's blog started.  

I received the news a couple of days ago that Debbie passed away at a rehab center on March 22 after a fall that broke her hip.

Holly is being adopted by some friends of Debbie's in Pennsylvania.

Debbie was such a wonderful friend and I'll miss her terribly.

Apr 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Just wanted ya'll to NOSE dat Me's still here and kickin....


Wishin all my Blogville Furiends a very


Mommy and Daddy have been spendin' lots of time at da HOP-IT-ALL with sissy Shelly.  
And when dey's not at da HOP-IT-ALL, dey is usually either drivin to da HOP-IT-ALL or comin' home from da HOP-IT-ALL.  It be more den a 2-hour drive but it seems more like 87 hours.

Sissy is just doin' "SO-SO".  Lots more ahead fur her.

Mommy pwomised me her would post an update dis week of all dat's been happenin' in my house.

We is all very thankful fur all our wonderful furiends out there in Blogville.  Without them, Mommy would probably break into a million pieces.  She reads all your posts everyday at the hop-it-all.

As fur me.......
I's gonna make a few changes in my life.......

Loves you all....
Watch fur Mommy's update post early dis week!