Sep 25, 2015

Dis and Dat and a POTP Request


Just tryin' to keeps in touch while me ASSistant is all dis-com-bob-u-lated and out of commission!

Remember her had da eyeball surgicals???
Da FURst eyeball was doin so good dat da dogter decided to do da udder eyeball too.

Well, dat didn't turn out so good and now her has to stay in a dark room away from da lights.

Her right eye is doin great.
Her lefty is all covered wit a big globby of blood.  (Picture too gross to show you's)
her eyeball has turned from bein a brown eyeball to bein a GRAY-BLUE eyeball....Even da dogter can't figure out what happened!  Has dis ever happened to any of your peeps?
Now her is a MUTANT, just like Brudder Max (DaUdderWeenie)

Since me be almost blind, me is sittin wit Mommy a lot to keep hers company and tellin her dat her will be ok and be able to go back into da lights soon.
So if me be MIA...ya'll NOSE where me is!
On a different topic.....
Remember me sissy, Sarah....
Her be da one dat keeps me clean!
(and tells me secrets bout Brudder Max)

Anywho.....Sissy been under da wedder da last couple of days.  We's worried bout hers cause her is 15 years old and can't fight da bugs so good anymore.
If ya'll gots a wittle extra POTP, can you's send a wittle bit in my sissy's direction....?
Me hopes her feels better soon 'cause me eardrums are gettin' a wittle dirty.....

We Loves You All!


Sep 11, 2015

Hey...Who Turned Off Da Lights???

Why do it be so dark in here?
Where da sun??
Why do me gots to see wit my nose instead of my eyeballs???

Mommy says my PRA is advancing
(whatever dat means?)

Da eye dogter told us 3 years ago dat me gots a condition called PRA.
(Progressive Retinal Atrophy)
Me would stop seeing one day and dat day is ALMOST here.
Me still sees a wittle bit at a distance butt me bumps into stuffs right in front of me.

My pack is tryin' to help by bein' my
(Even though Brudder Max (DaUdderWeenie) keeps tryin' to push me down da stairs or off da bed)

Mommy keeps tellin me dat dey all luvs me and everyting will be A-OK.
And speakin' bout eyeballs.........
Mommy has CATS in her eyeballs and even some calcified stuffs behind da CATS.
Her don't see so good right now so her NOSE just how me feels.

Do some buddy wanna be me ASSistant since me is firing Mommy??

Anywho....Mommy is havin' surgicals on Moaning Monday to remove those kitties from her eyeballs.  Please keep your paws crossed fur success so her can see again.

PeeS....If any buddy finds some extra eyeballs layin' around, can you send 'em to me?  Seems we're having a shortage of good eyeballs at my house.