Mar 30, 2017

A Special Thank You on Thankful Thursday

Mommy is gonna try to visit all of you and say thanks for all the POTP and prayers fur my sissy, Holly, if my InnerNuts will work long enough.

As you can see, I'm very busy sticking close to my sissy in case she needs me.
Since I can't type right now, I'm letting Mommy take over my blog...butt just for this one time.
Be back soon!
Thank you, Amber.  By the way, you are taking very good care of your sister.

We arrived at the vet's office this morning at 7.  The first thing they did was take some blood.  It seemed like it took forever before we were able to see the vet.  

Earlier this year Holly was having a blood test every two weeks because she was rapidly losing weight and had virtually no appetite.  Each blood test produced liver function results that declined with each test.  After the third decline, the vet said everything pointed toward liver failure or even possible liver cancer.  Holly is nearly 17 years old so we weren't going to put her through a liver biopsy to find out exactly what was going on.  So we decided to just let her live out her last days in peace and love with her family nearby.

It's been 6 weeks since that tearful day at the vet's.  One morning Holly woke up and just decided she wanted to eat again.  I started out slowly by feeding her canned food with a spoon.  As days went on, she started eating by herself.  She was eating dry kibble in the morning with an occasional scrambled egg and sausage patty.  In the evening she would eat 2/3 of a pound of FreshPet fresh food.

In just 3 weeks she gained 2.5 pounds.  Her normal weight was 15 pounds.  She went down to 10.5 pounds and is now at 13 pounds.

Then there is even better news.  Her pre-surgery blood test results came back.  Both of her vets were amazed!  (There are 8 vets at our new clinic and it's open 24/7).  Her liver has somehow repaired itself.  It's not completely back to normal, but very close to it.  At least the liver cancer diagnosis is no longer on the table.

It was decided that the infected lump on her hip was probably a wart and not a tumor.  We're not having it sent out for testing because Holly is too old for any kind of treatment.  The vet feels whatever it was, he got it all out.

So Holly is left with a pretty zipper that will come out in ten days.
It's been a long day and nearly midnight as I'm writing this.  Holly wasn't released until 9 tonight.  She ate some dinner and is now sleeping peacefully with Amber by her side.

I thank all of you for your support and I also thank Ann from Zoolatry for that beautiful badge made for Holly.

I'm also thankful that my Internet provider cooperated and actually let me finish a post without cutting off.  More about our Internet problems here later on.

Amber will be back soon.
Blogville is the greatest place on Earth!


Mar 29, 2017

My Sissy Needs POTP Today.....

Hello-ooooo Out There.
Remember Me???

My sissy, Holly, needs lots of POTP today.

Holly is going to be 17 years young very soon.  She started losing lots of weight and went from 16 pounds to 11 pounds in only a month.

My new dogter took blood tests every two weeks and saw that her liver was failing.  After the last blood test the dogter said at her age she wouldn't recommend running any further tests because of the steady and rapid decline.  Holly's days with us were near an end.

Mommy worked real hard to take special care of Holly.  Then a miracle happened.  Holly gained almost 3 pounds and started enjoying life again.

Years ago Holly developed a wart on the side of her leg.  It never bothered her so the dogter suggested just leaving it alone.  Well, over the last week it started bothering her and she keeps trying to bite it off.  Now it's infected.
Mommy keeps a bandage and a shirt on her so she can't eat it.  BOL

Mommy discussed this all with the dogter last week.  The dogter does his surgeries today and told Mommy to have Holly there at 7 in the morning (YAWN) and he'll do some more blood tests to see how her liver is doing.

He will also decide whether to do surgery to remove the infected wart.

It's a dangerous surgery for a nearly 17-year-old.  Without the surgery she'll be miserable.

So my sissy, Holly, needs POTP (and Mommy needs a tranquilizer).  

And the dogter needs to make the right decision for my sissy.

Thank you all for being here fur us.