Jul 25, 2011

Da Visitors Are Gone :o(

All my visitors have gone back to
and me is gettin' all lonely again.
Me has been helpin Mom round da house....
You nose....a late SPRING cleanin'.
(Her is always LATE when it comes to cleanin' sometin)
Me better get off dat subject....now!

Remember dat one of me visitors was me cousin

Now dis be what da officer looks like on
at my house.

And dis be Officer Chase's wittle sister
(Her be on vacation at my house too)

Here are a few more flashy beast fotos of
Snoozing by da pool.....he don't nose how to swim!

Better stays on dat sofa, Jennie.

Looking for crumbs, big guy?

Ah....me tinks you gots my cookie!!!!

Just look how BIGG da monster dog looks next to April.

Hey....dat me!!!!
(and Bailey and da BIG guy)

Sabrina, me didn't forget bout you!

You gots some good tongue action goin' on dere!
(Does you use curlers?)

Every buddy went to da beach at Treasure Island on da Gulf of Mexico
Da pack didn't gets to go.  We would of wuved to chase dese guys around.
(Probably why wee didn't gets to go)  :o(
Back at da farm, brudder Max
did some huntin' dog stuffs of his own

  Me Sees It!

Me gives it a warning!

Me runs for me life!
(Don't gets me, Mr. Bird)

After every buddy went home, Rusty got his pool back.
He be very happy!

Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) has a biggified smooch for April!
(Cover your eyes, Benji)

And, dere is a lot of dis goin' on!
Entertaining visitors is hard work!

Now Tucker wants to say a few barks!
Me wants to say a BIGG special
for all da kindness and all da nice comments and da support you've all given me and my family during dis very hard time since me founds out me has
lung cancer
and not too much time left.

Me has had three key-mo treatments so far.  Me is actually feelin' better dis week.  Me still gets very tired quickly and has to take a nap but me isn't coughing much and breathing a lot easier.  And....I wuvs to eat!

Da key-mo dogter says she tinks me has improved a lot since starting key-mo.  On Friday me goes for me fourth tweetment.  Dis time dey is also goin' to take an x-ray to see what da old tumor is really doin'.  Keep ya paws crossed for me and please send me some extra prayers and good vibes dat da icky tumor is shrinking, shrinking, shrinking!

Wit a wittle bit of luck, maybees me can stay wit my family jus' a wittle bit longer.  Butt, if me can'ts, den I nose a lot of furends are waiting for me at da Bridge.

Thank you again....Be back soon!
Thank you, Tucker!

Haves a wonderfur week,
every buddy!


Jul 18, 2011

I'm Almost Back


Me hopes you didn't forgets me.  Me also hopes ya'll had a nice fireworks boom day.  Yes, dos are fireworks in me foto.....tanks Mom!

Well, da visitors have left da building and me is still in one piece.  K-9 Officer Chase didn't step on me's.  In fact, him was very gentle wit wittle me and we got along terrorifically.
Me be posting fotos of Chase soon when da lazy daizy Mom gets dem off da flashy beast.

I be very cereal serious now!
Remember my pack mate, TUCKER?
You met him on
Meet Da Pack...Day Seven

Me and da family are tryin' to let Tucker do lots of tings him never done before....so me is gonna let him take over me blog today.  So....here be my good furend, TUCKER!

Hi's Every Buddy!
Me name is Tucker and me always wanted to horn in on sissy Amber's bloggy.  Butt....her never let me before now.

Me is so sorry dat me made me family so sad.  When all da visitors were here, me gots to play in da pool and play wit da hose and me was havin' so much of a jolly doggie good time.  Den I start coughing so much.  On July 3 Mom takes me's to da emergency clinic.  Dey thought I had knee-mon-e-a and started treating me for dat.  Da next day da x-rays showed someting else was happenin' to wittle old me.....

Dey only gave me a week before I would cross da Bridge witout da key-mo treatments so Mom said to tweet me to gives me a wittle bit more time......maybe 2 months.....maybe less.

Me has had 2 tweetments so far and will have anudder one on Fryday.  Me is feelin' a wittle bit better and not coughing so much anymore.  Heck....last night me even ran round da pool chasing me brudder, Rusty, who was doin' his laps.

Me don't feel like me is goin' anywhere, but da docs at da cancer tweetment center tells Mom me don't has a lot of time left.  But me will try me best to stay as long as me can.

Me is not afraid to cross da Rainbow Bridge cause me has a lot of furends dat are already dere waiting for me.  Butt....Mom crys a lot.  Me nose dat me will be missed and me will miss every buddy too.  Butt we all be togedder again some day.

Thank you for letting me do a real posty.  Me wuv ya'll and me will be watching ovr' Blogville from da Bridge when me gets dere.