Jul 25, 2011

Da Visitors Are Gone :o(

All my visitors have gone back to
and me is gettin' all lonely again.
Me has been helpin Mom round da house....
You nose....a late SPRING cleanin'.
(Her is always LATE when it comes to cleanin' sometin)
Me better get off dat subject....now!

Remember dat one of me visitors was me cousin

Now dis be what da officer looks like on
at my house.

And dis be Officer Chase's wittle sister
(Her be on vacation at my house too)

Here are a few more flashy beast fotos of
Snoozing by da pool.....he don't nose how to swim!

Better stays on dat sofa, Jennie.

Looking for crumbs, big guy?

Ah....me tinks you gots my cookie!!!!

Just look how BIGG da monster dog looks next to April.

Hey....dat me!!!!
(and Bailey and da BIG guy)

Sabrina, me didn't forget bout you!

You gots some good tongue action goin' on dere!
(Does you use curlers?)

Every buddy went to da beach at Treasure Island on da Gulf of Mexico
Da pack didn't gets to go.  We would of wuved to chase dese guys around.
(Probably why wee didn't gets to go)  :o(
Back at da farm, brudder Max
did some huntin' dog stuffs of his own

  Me Sees It!

Me gives it a warning!

Me runs for me life!
(Don't gets me, Mr. Bird)

After every buddy went home, Rusty got his pool back.
He be very happy!

Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) has a biggified smooch for April!
(Cover your eyes, Benji)

And, dere is a lot of dis goin' on!
Entertaining visitors is hard work!

Now Tucker wants to say a few barks!
Me wants to say a BIGG special
for all da kindness and all da nice comments and da support you've all given me and my family during dis very hard time since me founds out me has
lung cancer
and not too much time left.

Me has had three key-mo treatments so far.  Me is actually feelin' better dis week.  Me still gets very tired quickly and has to take a nap but me isn't coughing much and breathing a lot easier.  And....I wuvs to eat!

Da key-mo dogter says she tinks me has improved a lot since starting key-mo.  On Friday me goes for me fourth tweetment.  Dis time dey is also goin' to take an x-ray to see what da old tumor is really doin'.  Keep ya paws crossed for me and please send me some extra prayers and good vibes dat da icky tumor is shrinking, shrinking, shrinking!

Wit a wittle bit of luck, maybees me can stay wit my family jus' a wittle bit longer.  Butt, if me can'ts, den I nose a lot of furends are waiting for me at da Bridge.

Thank you again....Be back soon!
Thank you, Tucker!

Haves a wonderfur week,
every buddy!



rottrover said...

Tucker, our paws are crossed that you continue to feel good and ENJOY EATING!!

Wowzers, your pack has been uber busy, Amber! That Chase is one big, handsome fellow. You all look pretty tired-out though after having all those guests. Rest up. Glad you're back!

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Angel Hiro and Momma Tea said...

So glads Tucker is not feeling too bad at da moment wee has everyfing crossed here fur him yoo know even DML's eyes.
Mee has to say dis butts dat is one most gawjuss nekkid girly dere is her a single lady ????

Jans Funny Farm said...

Ah, gee, Tucker, we're all leaky now. We sure send lots of purrs and wags that you get to spend more time with your pack. It would make your mom so happy. But you're right, if not, there are lots of friends waiting for you.

Glad you survived the summer vacation. That is one big police dog!

Remington said...

Tucker -- you are in our thoughts and prayers....take care, my friend....

Brian's Home Blog said...

What a nice bunch of visitors you had, and that Chase is something! Hey Tucker, we're sending you lots and lots of purrs and hugs brave one.

My Mind's Eye said...

Amber thanks for sharing pics of all your guests. Chase is definitely a big boy. We are happy he enjoyed his vacay and even happier you stayed in the chair out of his way so he wouldn't accidentally step on your pretty little body.

God bless Tucker and give him a little hugs from us.
Madi and Mom

HH and The Boys said...

Amber, great post. I love reading about your friends and seeing all the pictures. We are all sending purrrs to Tucker... That's for sure.

pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun and got along very well with the visitors. Chase is big and beautiful. We are so happy that Tucker is still feeling okay and enjoying life. We are praying you get all well sweet Tucker...you are just so brave. We really enjoyed all the pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

Road Dog Tales said...

Looks like you have had LOTS of goings on at your house - no wonder you're tired! Chase is a very handsome (and huge) guy! And Sabrina is a cutie!

Sending good thoughts to Tucker and hoping for him to feel better soon!

Hope you all are getting some good naps, Amber, and staying cool!

The Road Dogs

Just Jess for now said...

What a busy house with all of your visitors. I'm glad you shared them with us.
Tucker, we are praying for you and sending your Mama lots of hugs.
PS: Amber, I talked to Baloo's new mama and she says that he sends you lots of kisses.

Backcountry Brodie said...

Holy smoked chickun, there be some bizzy times going on at your howse. And look at that Chase all off dooty and cutting loose on vakay! Yay fur Tucker doing a little better. Now we werks on doing lots better.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Awww, Tucker, thank you for letting us see you are feeling a little better. Hope you hear some good news when you get your checkup. Paws crossed for a lot more good days for you.

Your visitors were very nice, Amber. Sabrina and Chase were quite handsome. Too bad you couldn't get them to swim with you. A pool sounds like something really inviting to us with all the heat going on.

have a great week, and good to see you. Love that kissing shot between Max and April:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

The Florida Furkids said...

Your visitors seem to be having a great time!!

Tucker, we're glad to hear the key-mo treatments are helping. We're purring, wagging and praying that you are all better soon. Snoozing is okay, in fact, it's required!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

White Dog Blog said...

Tucker, dear friend, we are sending extra strong ultra powerful White Dog Army healing energy to shrink that tumor and keep you feeling better. Because that is the most important thing, that you be painfree.

Amber, believe me, we TOTALLY understand how exhausting entertaining can be...and you did it for WEEKS! Very impressive. Now treat yourselves to lots of indulgent "ME" time!

Maggie Mae and Max said...

You sure did have a fun time wif all of your visitors. Chase is very handsome too..just sayin' ;)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS Tucker, you hang in dere my furiend, we all luvs ya!

Dexter said...

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better and look at all your amazing visitors! Wow! You are really having a fun summer. Now get your rest and keep getting healthy, OK?


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hi Everybuddy... WOW WOW WOW.. what a grrrrreat time you had with your company! Just seein the pics makes me all green with Jellyness that I wasn't there!
Take care Tucker.. you have a BUNCH of us in your corner!!!

The Daily Pip said...

Keep fighting Tucker! We are all behind you with our paws crossed!

Sabrina cracks me up! I thought I was the only one who could do the curly tongue thing!

Your pal, Pip

White Dog Blog said...

Amber, christmas is more than just about the cold and snow. Everyone is kind of crabby because of the heat, too. We need Christmas photos to help everyone remember the happy feelings of that time of year and maybe it will cool off everyone's mood as well!

Unknown said...

Wowser Amber!
I didn't realize you had a real Police Officer vacationing at your house! That's uber-cool!!

Tucker, you are looking grrreat! All of our paws and hoofs are crossed fur you, Big Guy (and that be alot! 20, if my momma can count right)

Ujio said...

WOOHOO her is a single laydee , does her like younger dawgs do yoo finks Miss Amber cos her sure is most beeyoootifuls indeed. Mee woulds like to takes her out fur rootbeer one day if her would likes it.


Scooter said...

It is so nice to have company but it is also nice fur them to go home so you can get back to normal. Looks like you all had fun though!! Paws are crossed fur good results from the DR!!

Jazzi and Addy

bichonpawz said...

We enjoyed all of your pictures of your visitors!! Tucker...you are in our thoughts and prayers!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Elaine Pritchard said...

Tucker - you are in our thoughts and our hearts.

Loved all those pictures of all your visitor action. That was a really busy and fun time by the look of it.

Love and licks, Winnie

Oskar said...

What a great time to have those friends visit. It's great news that Tucker is doing a little better. We will be praying for a much shrunken tumor.

Nubbin wiggles,

Bobbie said...

Hi Amber! Chase is a beauty. I'll bet you're not afraid of nothing as long as he's around and has your back. I'll bet it feels good to have your house back, even though I'm sure you enjoyed your time with family. I'm still praying for you sweet Tucker! Stay cool... big hugs from Gracie and me!

Hilary said...

Tucker - you are in our thoughts and purrayers.... Amber, entertaining is hard, but it looks like you had a good time!

ForPetsSake said...

What lovely guests! That boy is quite the stud muffin - at least that's what my Nyxie said...

Many hugs to you, Tucker!

Wyatt said...

Hi Weenies and pals-
You have been busy indeed! Lots of furiends and peep visitors.
Oh, Tucker..sorry we are behind in our well wishes. We are glad that you are doing okay with treatments and we will say a prayer for you, cross our paws and put some well wishes in our lucky horseshoe.

Wyatt and Stanzie