Dec 25, 2014

My Christmas Gift to Mommy

Me thought....and thought...and thought..and thought again.

What can me give Mommy fur Christmas?

Den it hit me...

One halfway decent flashy beast photo of me being


Enjoy it cause dats all you's gonna get dis year, Mom!
And to all me furiends...

Me leaves you wit dis wish!

Merry Christmas
Hap-Pee Howl-O-Days
And a Terrific New Year
(And lots of tweets and cuddles)


Dec 19, 2014

Hap-Pee Howl-O-Days to All My Furiends

Me ASSistant has been MIA again takin' care of me human sissy
Me did want to make sure all me great furiends in Blogville nose me is still here and kickin'!


Here be me and Brudder Max and da rest of me pack wishin all of you a wonderful Howl-o-Day season and a super 2015!


Dec 4, 2014

Me Gots a Silly Sissy!

Furst of all me gots to say a special THANK YOU to Ann of Zoolatry fur da beautiful new Header Pic and Background.
Mommy hasn't had much time fur anyting lately and we is both very thankful fur friends like Ann.
Now...on to me silly sissy.
Me sissy, Bailey, be over 16 years old so da Momma decided her wanted some purrrrty Christmas Pics of her.
Bailey say NO WAY you's gonna stick dat ting in my face.
(Her don't nose bout all da tweets we get fur a good photo shoot)
Here be what Mom ended up with...
I don't see don't see me!

Furget it..Lady!

OK....You can shoot that thing all you want!

I'm still not looking at you

Keeping my eyes closed

Hum De Dum De Dum.....

Ready to give up yet?

These antlers ain't gonna improve your chances

Hum De Dum
(Dis lady gonna get run over by a reindeer if her don't quit dis stuff)

Nope..Santa Paws ain't gonna cut it either

Ooops....I peeked!

NaNaNaNa Na Na!
You ain't gonna get me!

Ok...If I open my eyes, will you please quit!
(Bailey, you's ears are missin)

Mom should have just took me picture.  Me loves da flashy beast when dere are tweets involved.
Her will never learn...
Just Sayin'