Dec 25, 2015

Hap-Pee Howl-O-Days to All My Furiends

It's been a bit of a RUFF year here in the
Land Of Flowers...
We couldn't let the year end without saying
to all our wonderful furiends in Blogville!

Our wish and hope is that we'll be back in Blogville full time real soon.

We LOVE all of you!

Dec 17, 2015

A New Swimmer at My House (No It's Not ME)

Remember Us?
Yes, we be sad cause our ASSistant be too busy to help us post a lot.  We reads da posts every day to stay informed, butt dat's about it!

Sissy Shelly Update!

Finally....Sissy Shelly was let out of da hospital after TEN long months of being locked up there.  Her got out a couple days before Thanksgiving.
Mommy has learned that it is quite a challenge taking care of Sissy.  Her still can't walk very well and needs a lot of help getting around.  {Maybe if her tried walking on all four paws??}
Anywho...Mom is tryin' to get her strong again so her can move on with her life.  It's not easy learnin' to walk with a fake leg....
As FUR me and da pack....
We's tryin' to take care of Mom so her don't lose any more marbles....
We gots a new SWIMMER in da house!

Nuff Said!