Sep 15, 2016

How to use the Calmz Anxiety Relief System

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I's letting Mom post today 'cause it's 'bout someting very impawtant and I's don't wants to mess it up.

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A while back we were invited to try out the new
Calmz Anxiety Vest
in exchange for an honest review.

Our chosen candidate to participate in the trial was Annie.

Annie came to us as a rescue about 4 years ago.  She turned 8 years old earlier this year.  Her previous owners gave us some information on her but only mentioned she was afraid of water.  She isn't afraid of water by any means....she loves to take a bath.  But she is terrified beyond words whenever the atmospheric pressure drops.  We don't even need a storm to set her fear in motion.  She can predict rain hours before it arrives.

Annie's fear goes far beyond what most animals display when a storm approaches.  She has all the normal signs of distress but then takes it one step further.  She will literally grab me or her Dad with her claws and try to hang on.  In fact, Dad has lost a lot of blood from her efforts to claw her way down his shirt.

We have taken Annie to two vets in an effort to find some relief for her.  Both vets have agreed that she is a special case and there isn't much short of a strong tranquilizer to ease her distress.  We did try her on a couple of different medications (including over-the counter stress relief tablets) but even the prescription tranquilizers didn't help.  All they did was make her completely disoriented which increased the stress symptoms as well.  So the vets concluded that nothing could be done to safely relieve Annie's anxiety.

Following are a view pictures of Annie long before the rain actually started.  You can see the tail tucked, eyes bulging out, panting, and the ears pinned back.....classic symptoms of stress (and in Annie's case....utter fear and panic).

The only place that Annie felt safe was in a crate that we keep in a dark closet with the door open so she could hide as she felt the need to escape.

I have to admit I was skeptical that the Calmz Anxiety Relief System would really help Annie.  We had a Thundershirt from years ago that didn't help Annie at all.  But at this point I was willing to try anything that could help.

The Calmz unit consists of a tight-fitting vest with a battery-operated control that fits in a pocket at the top of the vest between the shoulder blades.  It has a number of settings that control the vibration as well as a soothing music effect.

We ordered Annie a Medium vest that came the closest to her measurements.  It fit perfectly around her chest but I had to make some adjustments to the strap going around her body as it was way too large.  

We've been working with Annie and the Calmz unit for about two months.  She accepted the vest immediately but continued showing signs of distress during the first few weeks of the trial.

Slowly we began to notice a slight improvement in her behavior whenever something triggered a fear response.

When she has the vest on with the vibration and the music on at the highest setting, she no longer runs for her crate.  

Instead she lays down in one of her favorite spots and sometimes even falls asleep.

A few days ago a storm approached and she didn't even wait for me to put the vest on her.  She just laid down without it and took a nap through the storm.

I delayed doing this review until I could see some positive changes in Annie's behavior whenever her anxiety level was raised.  By no means is she cured at this point.  The vet feels she may never really be completely relaxed no matter what we try.  But I do feel that it's a start because I do see a change for the better.
I will continue working with Annie and post another review as time goes on and as we get closer to our goal.

I want to thank those who made this possible and for giving Annie a chance at a normal fear-free life.

Please watch the video below for more information on the