Jul 23, 2012

Just Checking In

Howdy.....It be wittle ole me again!

Hate dis laptop cause....well, me ain't got no lap to put it on!  And me can't type on dis stoopid ting eider!  No thumbs and me is gettin' nose slobber all over da place!  Whew!

Butt....me wanted to say hi anyway and show just a few pics.

  Da big guy is still here!  Him and me are pals now...well at least him didn't eat me yet.

And here him is wit his sissy, Sabrina.

Every buddy is havin' lots of fun in da pool.


Me and da rest of da pups watch all da funs from a safer distance!  Weenies do not swim!!!

Benji is still hangin on and enjoying life the best he can with terminal cancer and old age against him.  Butt....he be a fighter!  And he be a BIG eater.  Da Momma calls him a wittle piggy!
Shhhhhh....don't let da Momma find out me sneeked some flashy beast photos from da human brudder's flashy beast.  Da Momma hates havin her picture took!!!  Butt....payback is glorious.  Her is always followin us around wit da flashy beast!

Anyway...here be da Momma and da brudder when dey all took a lunch cruise on da Gulf of Mexico!

And here be da Momma wit DaWeenies and da BIG guy!

Guess me gots enough nose slobber on dis pooter so better go now before da Momma catches me and feeds me to da Big Guy!  Hope me is back in about 10 days.

Until den....here be some tings you's can tink about!


Jul 12, 2012

Me is Still Alive

Da visiting K-9 Cop .... him didn't eat me yet!
 Wee actually become purrty good furiends!

Da odder visitor be Sabrina!
 Her is a Min Pin and wee's always been good furiends!
Me nose her fur 8 years now.

Here be my Dad wit K-9 Officer Chase!
 Him makes my Dad look sooooo wittle!

We all likes to relax togedder!
On da 4th of July all da visitors and da Momma and da Daddy went to a baseball game and fireworks (cover me ears pleeze) at da Lakeland Spring Training Stadium fur da Detroit Tigers.  Dat where Mom and Dad were both born and raised....Detroit.
Dere was a BIG surprise waiting fur my human brudder (da cop) arranged by his furiend (a deputy here in Polk County where we all live).  Brudder Jeff was called on to throw da furst pitch of da game.  Butt....he let his own son (Jason) throw it instead.  Here be a video of da short speech and da throw.  And dey wouldn't even let me go to da game.   {Blah}

Dat all fur now.  Me will try to pop back in once in a while to let ya'll nose me didn't get eated.  Two and a half more weeks and den maybe me will have my puter back fur real!  Until den...............