Sep 25, 2015

Dis and Dat and a POTP Request


Just tryin' to keeps in touch while me ASSistant is all dis-com-bob-u-lated and out of commission!

Remember her had da eyeball surgicals???
Da FURst eyeball was doin so good dat da dogter decided to do da udder eyeball too.

Well, dat didn't turn out so good and now her has to stay in a dark room away from da lights.

Her right eye is doin great.
Her lefty is all covered wit a big globby of blood.  (Picture too gross to show you's)
her eyeball has turned from bein a brown eyeball to bein a GRAY-BLUE eyeball....Even da dogter can't figure out what happened!  Has dis ever happened to any of your peeps?
Now her is a MUTANT, just like Brudder Max (DaUdderWeenie)

Since me be almost blind, me is sittin wit Mommy a lot to keep hers company and tellin her dat her will be ok and be able to go back into da lights soon.
So if me be MIA...ya'll NOSE where me is!
On a different topic.....
Remember me sissy, Sarah....
Her be da one dat keeps me clean!
(and tells me secrets bout Brudder Max)

Anywho.....Sissy been under da wedder da last couple of days.  We's worried bout hers cause her is 15 years old and can't fight da bugs so good anymore.
If ya'll gots a wittle extra POTP, can you's send a wittle bit in my sissy's direction....?
Me hopes her feels better soon 'cause me eardrums are gettin' a wittle dirty.....

We Loves You All!


Sep 11, 2015

Hey...Who Turned Off Da Lights???

Why do it be so dark in here?
Where da sun??
Why do me gots to see wit my nose instead of my eyeballs???

Mommy says my PRA is advancing
(whatever dat means?)

Da eye dogter told us 3 years ago dat me gots a condition called PRA.
(Progressive Retinal Atrophy)
Me would stop seeing one day and dat day is ALMOST here.
Me still sees a wittle bit at a distance butt me bumps into stuffs right in front of me.

My pack is tryin' to help by bein' my
(Even though Brudder Max (DaUdderWeenie) keeps tryin' to push me down da stairs or off da bed)

Mommy keeps tellin me dat dey all luvs me and everyting will be A-OK.
And speakin' bout eyeballs.........
Mommy has CATS in her eyeballs and even some calcified stuffs behind da CATS.
Her don't see so good right now so her NOSE just how me feels.

Do some buddy wanna be me ASSistant since me is firing Mommy??

Anywho....Mommy is havin' surgicals on Moaning Monday to remove those kitties from her eyeballs.  Please keep your paws crossed fur success so her can see again.

PeeS....If any buddy finds some extra eyeballs layin' around, can you send 'em to me?  Seems we're having a shortage of good eyeballs at my house.


Aug 28, 2015

Remembering on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Today we are joining Zee and Zoey to celebrate

Yesterday Mommy unburied her 87-year-old external hard drive and spent 87 hours looking at all the old pictures of those who came before me and Brudder Max (DaUdderWeenie).
(Her also went through 'bout 87 boxes of tissue)

Since we are DaWeenies, me told Mommy to post 'bout DaWeenies who came before us.

Da Three Weenie Muskateers
From Left to Right

Ginger (Da Mama) -- 6/28/88 -- 10/5/03
Tiffany (Da Sisfur) -- 1/15/90 -- 7/7/03
Bart (Da Brudder) -- 1/15/90 -- 12/4/03

 Ginger was very special and we'll tell you why in a minute.

On January 15, 1990, Ginger gave us 4 beautiful pups.
Two of them stayed with Mommy and Daddy

Tiffany was a wittle me. 

Dis was when her was diagnosed with da "C" monster

Tiffany's Brudder Bart

Bart 9 Days Before Leaving for Rainbow Bridge

(Ginger's special story at the end of this post)

Some of my former packmates now at Rainbow Bridge
(Except for Brudder Max (in front) and Sissy Sarah (far left) 

We shared this pic with you a couple weeks ago BUTT I told Mommy it belongs in this post too.
These are all of Mommy's dogs at the Bridge and includes dogs all the way back to 1948 - before Mommy was born.  Jackie (dog sitting up sideways on the top right) was there to greet Mom when Grandma brought her home from the hop-it-all.


Now a little bit of Ginger's story.
Ginger was the pup who changed Mommy and Daddy's lives forever.  Ginger taught them about acceptance and patience, and also that nothing is impossible.

When Ginger was 4 1/2 years old (December 1992) she became a casualty of IDD - that horrible disc disease that develops in some breeds, particularly Doxie's.  Ginger lost her ability to walk on Christmas Eve.  Mommy took her to the vet in the afternoon who decided to keep her hospitalized and medicated over the Christmas holiday.  So it was 3 days before the vet decided to send her to a specialist.  She needed surgery to repair the ruptured disc in her back, but by the time the surgery could be performed, the disc cut through her spinal cord.

Ginger was permanently paralyzed.

Mommy and Daddy's lives were changed forever.  Mommy had to take classes to learn how to care for Ginger when she was released from the hospital.  Ginger could no longer pee by herself so Mom had to learn how to help her.

Daddy was transferred from Michigan to Florida about the time this all happened to Ginger, so Mommy stayed in Michigan for a year by herself until their house was sold.  She had to rearrange her schedule at work so she could come home during the day and empty Ginger's bladder for her.

Once Ginger and Mom finally got to Florida, Mommy and Daddy had to live their lives totally around the needs of Ginger.  If they were going to be away from the house for any length of time, Ginger always went along.

Ginger accepted her disability and lived her life happily as she continued to amaze all who met her.  She learned the art of flipping her paralyzed back legs over each other like a seal and not only get around easily but actually run (even up and down stairs).  She continued to play chase with her pups as if nothing was wrong.

Ginger continued this amazing way of life for over 10 years until she was 15 1/2 years old when old age took over and she began her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

Together Forever
Note from Mom:
Ginger was a very special dog and truly left her pawprints on my heart in a very special way.  After she passed on to the Bridge my life became very empty as so much of my time had been dedicated to caring for her.

To fill some of that empty space, a friend suggested that I work on a web page for her telling about her life and how she adapted to her disability and changed our lives in the process.  I once considered writing a book about her but took my friends advice and, with my friend's help, put together my very first web page.  (Up until then I had never done anything like this before)
Once Ginger's page was complete, I took it one step further.
was born featuring stories and pictures of every dog that was ever in my life.

The web site took almost 2 years to complete.  Going through boxes and boxes of pictures looking for just the right pictures and then writing all the stories from my memories of them was so gratifying.  I'm still adding update pages featuring those still with me, although I've become a bit lax since Amber started blogging.

The site has flourished but only because it was inspired by one very special pup who will always be safe in my heart.

Ginger's page can be seen by clicking HERE.  On her page there is also a link to her special page at the official Rainbow Bridge site.  I hope you have time to visit both.


Aug 18, 2015

Chewy To Da Rescue (From My Teenie Weenie Nose)

It Be Us, DaWeenies reporting on a great product dat Mr. Chewy sent us to review!


When we gots our own doggie door a couple years ago, we didn't have to go in our crates as often when da pawrents left fur da day!
BUTT da crates are still there just in case we wants to take a quiet peaceful nap.
Mommy was so hap-pee to get a bottle of dis great smelling cleaner to wipe down da crates!
Never thought we'd have to use it fur da intended purpose!

My sisfurs, Holly and Jennie, say dey smell good and dey don't pee in da house.

Mom one pees in da house since da doggie door was born almost 2 years ago!
Mom and Dad left da house fur over 12 hours
Mom locked da door to her computer room
Sissy Sarah got locked in
Sorry Mom....When you gotta go, you gotta go!
And I was locked in the room over 87 days!

(And what a great job it did so Sissy Sarah forgave Mom)

We also have a silent pup livin' wit us and him just pees all da time.  Mom calls him

 Pee Boy Pees on da kitchen table leg

 And on da lamp

 On da sofa

 And Mommy's plant

 On da end table


DAT's Brudder Max's Bed!

 PeeBoy even peed on ROCCO & ROXIE!

Rocco & Roxie's Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator 
indicates it completely removes pet urine!

  • Natural bio-enzymatic formula permanently eliminates pet urine odor
  • Works on carpet and upholstery
  • Safe around children and pets
Yes, Mom.  It says it's "safe" around weenie dogs so you can use it on me.
she just gave me a BAF instead.

Thank you Mr. Chewy for letting us review this great product.  It has a really nice smell and doesn't sting my wittle nose when me gets down to smell it.  After all, I's pretty short and close to da floor.  Some other products Mom's used in the past totally knock me out.

Sweet smellin' me signin out fur now to go smell my great smellin' carpet!
We were not compensated in any way to review this product other than receiving the product.