Aug 4, 2016

OMD....Where Has Me Been???

Me's been spendin' lots of time swingin on da swing in my screen room with da fan blowin on me.   HeHeHe

I's tryin' to get back to Blogville but it ain't been easy.  I hates sad stories so just fur dis one time, I's gonna let da Mommy have control of my blog and tells ya all 'bout it.

Hit it Mom.....

Thank you Amber, Sweetie...

Well, I'll start out by saying that all the pups have settled in very nicely in our new home.  I'm especially impressed by Amber who is now almost entirely blind.  She is able to locate the doggie door by herself when she needs to go out to the "sand box" at the end of the lanai that we set up especially for the dogs to take care of business.  Most of our pack consists of dogs that are small enough to be carried off by hawks and owls that seem to make their homes in this area.  So this way the dogs stay in the screened-in area unless I'm in the backyard with them and can keep an eye on the sky.

One thing I have learned since moving down to Southwest Florida.  The "No-See-Um's" can be so much worse than mosquitoes.  Our home sits between two canals to the Gulf of Mexico and is also home to these tiny, almost-invisible demons.  The first week that I was living here I spent lots of time in the backyard planting grass, flowers, etc.  And boy did I ever get attacked by these little monsters.  You don't see them or even feel them when they're gulping down your blood, but a day or two later.....HOLY COW!   My arms and legs were just covered with bites and welts, a lot of which became very infected.  It actually gave me a chance to meet my new doctor before I planned to in order to get some antibiotics for the infection.  The bites are very itchy and painful and can last from 4-6 weeks.   OUCH!  Things like "OFF" spray doesn't phase them one bit.  The only thing that seems to help (after visiting lots of websites) is a mixture of Witch Hazel, Listerine, and Tea Tree Oil.  Oh, and I also pin a few dryer sheets to my clothes when I go outside.  Why these little monsters seem to zero in on me is hard to figure out because John spends almost all weekend out in the yard and they don't bother him one bit.  If you have never heard of "No-See-Ums", please take a minute and Google them.  You'll be amazed!

Speaking of John, we still haven't got a buyer for the house in Winter Haven so he's still living and working up there.  He comes down here just to spend the weekends (and cut the grass).  Please keep your paws crossed that the house sells soon so Daddy can retire and join us down here.

OK....the real reason behind Amber's lack of posts.....
It goes out at least once every day!  And speed is NOT one of its attributes!  I sure do miss our cable company that we had in Winter Haven.  Here there is no underground cable system and we have to rely on a "Dish" system hanging on the roof for both Internet and television service.  If there are clouds in the sky....forget it!  I've asked the company what the problem is and the excuse they give is that the area we're in is so unpopulated with so many empty lots separating the few houses that are here, that it just isn't in their interests financially to offer a better system at this time.  Maybe as the area becomes more populated, we'll have a better system.  In the meantime, we find ourselves becoming very good at HBO words!!!

We also find ourselves in the middle of the lightning capital of the world.  On July 18 we took a direct lightning hit.  It was strong enough to kill 5 of our 6 television sets along with 6 electrical outlets, one of the garage door openers, and the landline telephone.  We're still waiting for the insurance company to settle on all the losses.  Of course the television cable box was also hit and we were without television service (on the only television that wasn't lost) for a week.  The Internet router was hit and it took 2 weeks for them to replace that.  What's strange is that everything was plugged into a surge protector (that obviously didn't protect anything).  Once they put in the new router, it only lasted 2 days and was out again for almost a week.  That was just repaired yesterday.  Turns out a frog got into the dish and fried all the wires....not to mention the poor frog.  Anyway, thought I better try and finish this post before we lose the Internet again.

On a happy note......our daughter Shelly is now living in her own apartment in the Orlando area.  It's hard to even think that a year ago we didn't know if she would survive all that was happening to her and that her twins would have to grow up without their mother.  Her ex-husband decided to move on with his life while Shelly was in the hospital and now has a new girlfriend.  OK...No more about that.......The important thing is that she's happy to be alive even though she's missing a few body parts.  In fact, she's up in Michigan right now on a much-needed vacation spent with a few of her high school friends she hasn't seen for over 20 years.

OK....Amber says she DID NOT give me her permission to write a novel.  We just miss everyone so much.  We still read all your posts on my phone every day but we hope ya'll still remember DaWeenies!

A very nice lady named Jillian who works for the company that makes the CALMZ  vest for dogs with anxiety problems has sent us one of their vests to try out on Annie, who is terrified of rain and thunder.  We are working with Annie and the CALMZ vest and will have a review ready soon.

In the meantime, Amber wants you all to see a couple of pictures of her in her new home!   We'll be back soon (assuming our Internet doesn't change the plan)    :)

PEE-S.....We have just heard that Cookie's Mom needs some help quickly.  The link to their GoFundMe page is at the top of my blog if you're able to help them in any way.  Thank You


OK, Mom.....You took up my entire blog today.  See if I let you post on my blog again.....   BWHahahahhaha

Miss all of you very much!



Marg said...

Soooooooooooo glad to see all of you, especially you Amber. So sorry you are having so many problems. We know all about noseeums since we used to live in Charleston and they were horrible there. That stinks that you are having so much trouble with the TV etc. That is a pain too.
We are so excited that Shelly is getting along so well and can have her own place. That is so great.
Sending lots of hugs to Mom and all doggies.

ZOOLATRY said...

Love you all! You are such a powerhouse: to me you are strength, resilience, patience ... and so much more!
Have been very poor (hugely poor) with writing, but you're ALL in my thoughts often.
Hugs and love to all ... and Amber, well, she see's with her heart!

C.L.W.STEP said...

We're very glad to hear from you, Amber! We hope things settle down in your new place. We're also very happy that your Shelly is doing better!

Those no-see-ums sound nasty! It's been so hot and dry around here lately, even the mosquitoes are hardly a bother.

Matilda the Boxer said...

We've missed you, Amber!! Sounds like things have been kerazy for you. We'll keep our paws crossed that everything works out okay and things calm down a bit.

My Mind's Eye said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Amber my sweet little friend how we have missed you and your mom and your entire Pack!!! Mom heard about all the lightning in the area from graduate students she knew from Florida. Scary stuff and OMCs a direct hit makes us cringe. Thank goodness no peeps or pups were injured.

What type blood does your mom have? As for the no see'ums we are wondering if they are attracted O blood types. You see mom is type O positive. She once read that mosquitoes are especially attracted to folks with that type blood. And it seems to be true 'cause anytime mom is outside with a bunch of folks Mom is the only one getting bitten. So maybe the no see'ums are the same.

We are so happy to hear sister Shelly was able to go see her friends that will surely boost her spirits.
Hugs and kitty Kisses
Mom and Madi

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Dear Ones ALL,
It is WONDERFUL to hear from you and to see a bit of your beautiful new home.
OH those NO SEE 'EMs how well we KNOW about those... and the misery they can cause. UGH... DRYER SHEETS... Esp. BOUNCE do Seem to really help... drive them away...
WE well remember the horrible service we had with Satellite Internet.. NO SERVICE... YEP... every CLOUD or even a Bird Flying over.. and POOF... no SERVICE... We have our intermutts with AT&T now... and it is GRRRREAT... no router No Dish... just a very SMALL little thingy about the size of a deck of cards... and it is PORTABLE... we can take it ANYWHERE and still get Intermutts.
PLUS it is CHEAPER than Satellite.
We are so Thrilled for Shelly... and fur the children. We are glad that she has a chance to get away to MICHIGAN and to visit her friends and Brother...
We will PRAY fur a quick Sale of the other house.

Scrappy Angel said...

Oh. I have OBVIOUSLY been away TOO LONG! Oh Goodness, what Life brings. Big Things and Little Things. Nuisances in many forms.

I was lucky to have love like you when I went blind (SARDS) overnight. I adjusted much better I think than my humans.

Muck love to you Amber and family. I send my LOVE from the Rainbow Bridge where I can see once again and things are so very clear.

There is still so much GOOD in the world.

Noodles said...

I am just jumpin' with joy to be hearing from you. You have definitely been in my thoughts.
Sure sounds like a very different life than what you had in Winterhaven.
Love Noodles

NanaNor's said...

Dear Amber and mom, thank you so much for this update. We know about no-serums, because family in Tennessee had them. They told us if we took a cotton ball filled with alcohol(the rubbing kind, not the drinking kind��), and rubbed it on your legs and anywhere else exposed immediately after being outside it would keep them from driving you crazy. Must have worked because even being in the grasses and hat we never got bit. Hope your other house sells fast and daddy can be back where he belongs.
Sending you hugs and wags,
Noreen and Hunter

Pippen said...

Amber! That's quite an update from your mom! I have my paws crossed that your house will sell so your dad can retire and live with you 24/7!


Sue said...

Wow, moving can sure be exciting, can't it! We went thru many of those issues when we moved here but we're still here and so far, so good.

We're looking forward to your review. Norma Jean has recently become terrified of thunder, so we're looking for something to help her.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

amber....ewe iz lookin gorgeouz az ever.....we iz buzzed happee everee onez settlin in sew well N we haz all 984 pawz crossed yur old houz sellz yet thiz month !!! we iz all sew buzzed happee for shelly; thatz total lee awesum nooze !! HOORAY....we haz mizzed ya over heer but we all sew noe that un lezz stuffz a werkin.....which bye de way we hope all that crazzee nezz never happenz again...whoa........light ning iz scaree stuff ~~~~~~ be well be safe heerz two sellin a houz ♥♥♥♥♥

Sketching with Dogs said...

Wow, I don't know which is scarier - dogs getting carried away by hawks, terrible mosquitos or the lightening!
Great news about Shelley :)
Elliot x

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Oh Amber(an'mom) - Oh I feel so speshal. With all the truble u bin havin'with your intermuttz an'u still stopped by 2 c me an'leeve sum POTP fer - u an'your mom iz so furry much nice. Me an'my mom r prayin'an'hopin'that your old house sellz REAL SOON so your dad can come an'b with u'all PERMANENT-LEE! An'we haz enuf regular mos-ki-toez
that mom never c'umz anywayz with her low vizion - we don't need any more that u really can't c'umz.
An'me'an'mom r sooo furry much happee fer Shelly. Mom knowz how great it iz 2 b able 2 git out an'due stuffz on you own. YOU GO SHELLY!
Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

LBJ said...

We missed you and are so glad to hear from you. Keeping paws crossed your old house sells. We are happy your daughter has her own place but are sad her husband left when she needed the support. We hope he steps in a big pile of dog poop today!

Your house is beautiful and I bet soon there are more of them around so you get better cable.

Wags and Hugs

Abby Lab and her Mom

Duke said...

How wonderful to hear from you! Hawks and owls can be so mean. Thank doG your mom is keeping an eagle eye out for you! Our gram talks about no-see-ums all the time and she doesn't speak very highly of them. We are so happy for Shelly☺

The Adventures of The Bell Fur Zoo said...

Oh yes Mom hates the sand fleas. They like to get on me and her but no one else :/ Have you tried Skin So Soft from Avon?? Mom says it's da best her has found fur them.

Sorry to hear about the big lightning strike :( That must have been very frustrating.

So happy your human sister is all settled in Orlando :)

Matt (& Matilda)

Louis the Blogging Dog said...

Woof Amber - I have only been in Blogville for two or three weeks but I luv it here. I am meeting a lot of new dogs and some kitties as well as a pig. Even though u have challenges it seems that where you are must be beautiful. Except for the lightning, which always makes me and my brother kitty nervous. Anywoof, you seem like a nice dog and maybe we can be furriends.
Louis Dog Armstrong

Idaho PugRanch said...

It is so good to see you, sorry about all the problems you are having
That is wonderful news about Shelly!
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

My GBGV Life said...

You sure do have a lot going on. Great news that your daughter is doing so well. We don't like Florida because of all the reptiles and birds that can all be so dangerous. Mom cannot deal with the no see ums. We had a lanai with the smallest screening possible and she was still eaten alive every day! If you are happy there, that is the important thing.

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

It is wonderful to hear from you again. You have certainly been hit by one drama after another. We are sending prayers that things calm down for you by fall. Best of luck selling the house. You will be in our thoughts and prayers

Linda said...

Yeah, It is so nice to hear all about what is going on down south. I lived in Altamonte Springs back in 2007, wish I was still there I'd come visit you all. The new home sure look beautiful. I do hope your internet comes back we sure do miss you all.
Stay safe those thunderstorms can be scary.

Linda and Astro

Jans Funny Farm said...

Hey, welcome back. We're glad your internet held up long enough to post good news of Shelly. She's been through a lot.

And so have you guys. We're glad you are finding your way around well, Amber. You are just as loved as ever.

We hope the house sells soon so your dad can retire and some of those no see ums light a fire under your internet company's ... er, feet, so you have working internet.

KB said...

We miss you too! Sorry that the transition has been so slow and frustrating. I hope that your other house sells soon!

As for internet and lightning strikes, your world is a lot like mine! We have satellite internet. We've found Exede to be far better than Dish (I don't know if you have Exede there). And most people have systems that ground a lightning rod to avoid the situation of losing all electronics in a direct hit. Isn't it amazing how similar our worlds are despite their obvious differences!

I'm thrilled to hear that Shelly is doing better although I'll admit that I felt really mad at her ex. I guess she learned who she can and cannot count on.

Take care, and we can't wait until you're back.

Unknown said...

Hope everything will be fine and go the best for you!!! Good luck and keep posting.

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Mates, my oh my, you have had some troubles since we last visited. Our best wishes and gentle hugs to your daughter and her twins and to all of you too. Those little bugs sounds horrible. They sound a bit like Midges that bite our hu-sister when she is working in the top end of Australia where it is tropical. Take care all. Hope the house sells soon and you don't get struck by lightning again!!
No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

Unknown said...
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