Jan 12, 2011

I Have Learned.......

I has learned not to make da same mistakes over and over again......


Do not hide Mom's car keys under da bed cause she doesn't always takes me to da dogter....

Missed lots of fun trips by doing dis

Eat da treats Mom gives me right away beclaws.........

Dere are odder members of da pack dat lives here
and dey is always starving

The same ting applies to da dinner

Don'ts wait until da last minute to runs out da doggie door.........

Chances are I won't makes it in time


Da Steps of Doom
A Second look at Da Steps of Doom
See How Littles I is On Dos Steps
Now Looks at My Teenie Weenie Legs

Ok's .... here is da story.....In late 2009 my brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) was chasing me all over da big family room......I made da BIG decision to run up dos big wide steps..........Two steps at a time......

Lesson learned.....Weenie dogs wit SHORT legs jus' can't fly..........

DA RESULT........CRASH........BOOM..........SCREAM!!!!!




A Disc (not da CD kind) popped right out of
place in my teenie weenie neck.
Da Proof  (After da Surgery)

(Anyones out dere have a bandaid...wit a picture of
Scooby Dooby Preferred?)


My Mind's Eye said...

Amber OMC and OMDs that is some fierce looking battle wound!!!
You might not know this but the first family pet 36 years ago was a might mini Doxie named Toto. Oh my goodness his legs were short too so we understand your problem. Mom told me one time my human sis caught Toto snacking on the leg of her new Barbie. Sis started chasing him around the house trying to swat him with the long Barbie hair. Mom saw him coming and opened the back door for him..sis never caught him.MOL
Hugs Madi

3 doxies said...

Ewwwwww...dats gross! Da things we doxies has to go through on da count of our short but gorgeous legs.
Nows, fur me to be sappy...I can't stand da thought of you having to go through dat...mum said it breaks her heart. But, you came through it likes da true doxie you is...stubborn! You know dat wound was just a little hinderous cuz we ain't known to stay down fur long.
I'm glad our steps is outta da way fur my in-house zoomies.

hehehe...FL da only place withs no snow.

Remington said...

Oh my! That is awful! You must not run in the house! Esp. on the stairs. You have such little legs that you can't run like me. Be careful, my friend! Find a new game like tug-a-war with a stuffie....much safer!

Maggie Mae and Max said...

OoH Amber,

I agrees wif Remington! No more stair zoomies fur you! ;)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS Mom saw on da news dat Florida is the only state WITHOUT snow on da ground, dat's a bummer fur you. :(

Levi said...

OMD!!! What a horrible ouchy!! I can't believe those little cutsy legs.
I just posted a picture of my band aid yesterday. It was a big blue wrap on my foot that I took pleasure in destroying! But it was nothing like that ouchie you had! Wow!
Glad to see you are much better now :)

A MilShelb Mom said...

Oh goodness! We are glad you are ok! mom says you have confirmed her thought of not wanting to buy a house with any stairs in it. Yikes! We do zoomies all over the house and we would probably try that, too!
~Milly and Shelby

Scooter said...

Hey Amber!
Wow, that's one big boo-boo. Glad you're all better now. Gotta watch the tall steps with short legs.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Holy Smokes Amber!!! That is one nasty ouchie! We are very glad you have recovered...and we are very glad your humans cared enough to get you all fixed up! Be careful okay, we want you around for a long time!

Backcountry Brodie said...

OMD! They shaved you nekkid! (You mite want to note this post be x-rated - just woofin.) I once had an operashun where my whole behind woz shaved butt nekkid (also x-rated).

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD... that must have been AWFUL.
BUTT... look at all the stuffs you have LEARNED!!! Most impressive list I must say!!!

Hey... are you all aware that you live in the ONLY state that does NOT have ANY snow any where??? LUCKY!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a neck wound! That's nice and gruesome! We're glad you're all recovered and learned your lesson. The other lessons were great too.

Elyse and Riley

Scooter said...

Oh my gosh, that is terrible. Yah, note to self~~Dont run or play on the steps and keep 87 feet away from them. You have learned some very valuable lessons.


rottrover said...

Are you sure da'odder weenie didn't try to de-stuff you?? EEK! You are one brave girl. We German girls are very brave!


The Daily Pip said...

Good gravy, be careful! No more stair zoomies.

Your pal, Pip

Jans Funny Farm said...

That's a bigger owie than Jan got today. You really got hurtQ We hope you are okay now.

Taffy said...

Hi Amber! I'm so excited you started your own bloggie! Now I can leave comments for you. I always hated that you could visit me and I couldn't really visit you all the time. Well, I havne't been very good about visitin lately cause of my grandma and stuff....but you get what I mean. Anyway, I'm so sorry that happened to you. But I'm glad you are still here to entertain us!

Lorenza said...

Sure you learnt the lesson in the most hard way!
Glad to know you are now recovered!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

My Mind's Eye said...

Happy Thursday Amber....
Mom said your comment about candy reminded her of another Toto story. As we mentioned he was a mini Doxie but Mighty. When he was about 3 he somehow got onto a rather high table near a couch that he had never been able to jump on. My sis came home from school one day to find he had eaten the remaining 5 or 6 Hershey Candy Kisses out of the bowl...foil and all. Of course they called the peeps called the vet and they watched the 'Candy Man' for several days. No problem...maybe the foil wrappers kept too much chocolate from getting into his system.
Hugs Madi

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Wow, you should DEFINITELY be careful on those steps, little dog! Trixie and Lily say they love to do zoomies together too, but Lily has such short legs too, a lot of times Trixie tramples her! ;)

George The Lad said...

OMG, that looked reel bad. Heck thanks for warning me of the dangars of Steps!! so pleased you came out of it OK.
See Yea George xxx

kmp said...

oh boy - that's not so good. the same thing happened to one my doxie friends! hey thanks for stopping by my bloggie!


Oskar said...

Wowee, I'm so glad that you survived that crazy accident!

Nubbin wiggles,

Ruby and Penny said...

We feel woozy. That must have hurt so much. We are so happy that you are ok.
Love Ruby & Penny

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Yikes, that is horrible, Amber. Your incision looks as bad as the one Phantom had on his chest two summers ago. We bet you don't do that any more.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara